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The Future is Motar from Ecuador (New Music Alert)

There’s no surprise in this muliverse that Ecuadorian prodigy MOTAR has been on top of his game for the past couple of years. But 2019 alone saw a huge rise for the young producer, as he achieved wild goals such as releasing music with Enimpa, Glockz, and Emilian Wonk, playing a massive show in South Florida with Warned, Rampage, Yari and several other heavy hitters, and most importantly (for me), releasing a tune on my label Charlotte Sessions Audio. This was a very important milestone because of how much I love the guy and his peculiar, unique, wonky flow.

It was around late September last year when Motar and I decided to put together his very first interview. It was a great opportunity for the world to get to know him inside and outside of the studio (you can read that interview here). There’s a reason why this guy is considered one of GramGreene’s few, yet very powerful sons. I’m quite proud that he decided to continue his wonky journey through production by releasing the true definition of wobble – ladies and gentlemen, we now present you all with a timeless banger called “The Bitches Be Lovin It.”

Pretty crazy right? I couldn’t believe it when I first heard that drop. Folks I also invite you to enjoy this brand new banger that was released on Warned’s birthday not too long ago! Grab your closest buddy and a couple of brews, it’s time for the “WobblySessions” to begin! Big ups to the legend for hitting 4,000 followers on SoundCloud! Now who’s ready for that 4K EP?

Update: Motar’s dropped a few new tunes since this piece was written! The 4K EP is finally out for you all to skank out to ladies and gentlemen. Thanks again for all the wild music Motar!

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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