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The Humanoid is Released (but must not escape)

After 2 years of previews and only being able to hear this track live, the bass beasts Eprom & Zeke Beats release their tune Humanoid 2.0 on Division Recordings.  The intro of this song brings an instant smile to my face as I know my most raw form is about to be pulled from my mind as my ears are brought to another world by this masterpiece. The term “Bass Face” doesn’t even come close to the facial expressions that are seen in the crowd when this fire comes through the speakers. Only a select few were chosen for before this time to be able to use this track during their sets including legendary producer G Jones.

 The track was so sought after for artists that some even resorted to ripping the the track to play live. The ATLiens even caught some backlash from playing it during one of their sets and got blasted on social media by Eprom himself for using it after not being given the right to play from them. But lets get to the reason why they would do such a thing.

 This grimey bass tune has some of the nastiest sound design currently being produced in the scene. The unparalleled engineering of this track is quite obvious – this description may even be an understatement as to how much I like “Humanoid 2.0”. The track leads with a robotic voice repeating “The humanoid must not escape” which carries throughout the song with variation pairing with an intense bassline and old-school synth tones reminiscent of classic video games that scream to your inner alien.

     The time has come to let the beat take over your mind and body, but remember not to let the humanoid escape, it’s an absolute must. If you haven’t had a chance to hear this tune yet, bless your ears with the sound below and don’t forget to give these two artists a follow as they will not disappoint you one bit.

Big ups to these wizards of the bass world.

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