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The New Sounds of Baltimore’s McWavy

Have you ever wondered how a musician’s lyrics could match exactly the way you’re feeling at this very moment? Well I just discovered two unique tunes from a special Baltimore based musician that resonate with my soul right now more than ever. I’ll never forget the day I took a chance to check out this new series of concerts that were taking place in Charlotte called the Boiler Room Vibes. This particular edition took place at a small place called the Dupp&Swatt that was once located in this small shopping center in NoDa (North Davidson for those of you who plan to visit the Queen City one day). The venue couldn’t have been more than a few hundred square feet big, but it carried that gangster underground vibe that we all love in a concert. On this very day, I discovered the vibrations and sound waves of two artists: Charlotte hometown legend Deniro Farrar and the Baltimore based Jazzmaster, soul healing, super musician, McWavy.

McWavy is an absolute sight to see, not only live, but on the internet as well. She’s very adept with a variety of instruments that give her listeners that analog and electronic combo that sets her apart from most producers in this industry. On top of being a talented musician, she’s also pretty damn funny. I’ve seen a few silly videos that she’s been editing together, featuring her newest creations of course. Cue in “Pay Me Watcha Owe Me“. I’m sure there’s some kind of statistic out there showing how many people in this planet owe a homie some money, and it probably amounts to hundreds of millions of people. I’ve never heard this concept tied in with a song before – it was really refreshing to put my feelings together into such a catchy song.

“Pay Me Watcha Owe Me” starts off with a phone call between McWavy and what was most likely once a trusted friend – we’ve all made these calls before. We hope they’ll pick up but guess what, they never do. All of the sudden, a smooth and wavy boom bap drop kicks in as the oh-so-relatable lyrics seep into your soul. “You must be confused. 1 too many excuse. Pay me whatcha owe. I ain’t ya friend or your homie.” The sexy sax solo is what really got me here. Sometimes we have to shrug it off and just hope that everything will straighten out with those who owe us money. And this song helps accomplish that goal in more ways than one.

On the other side of the emotional spectrum, McWavy created a tune that demonstrates how we’re feeling on the inside when people ask us as if we’re doing alright. We often lie through our teeth when we tell somebody that we’re alright, when we tell them that we’re doing okay – it’s doesn’t always seem to be the truth. However, I think that McWavy geniunely feels alright at this point in her life. The melancholy yet deeply moving tone of this single makes me feel like I’m floating on a cloud up to the heavens. I love how she infuses the piano and saxophone in this one – and I hope you do too!

Thank you so much for dropping by for another special musical spotlight. We love you McWavy!

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– Zyven

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