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The Night Rawtee Destroyed Raleigh [A Halloween Summer Surprise]

    Today isn’t a normal day. It’s exactly seven days before I turn 24, and I’m not sure exactly how I should feel. But one thing that I can assure anyone turning a year older this month is this: just because we’re getting older, doesn’t mean the fun should ever stop. There are few people who come to mind when I make this bold claim, and one of those is mister Raul Chavez, otherwise known as California Bass tyrant, Rawtee.

Yes my friends, you read that right. RAWTEE. 

This story has been sitting in the back of my mind for the longest time now, and I feel that since it’s the season of the Gemini, and the sun is out, and I’m still breathing, today would be the perfect day to share this tale. I first discovered this man a few years back when I discovered his VIPs for “Dynasty” and “Flossin’ Fleas” that released on Savage Society Records. Well, one day I woke up feeling sluggish as ever, just to find out that some beautiful soul in Raleigh had booked this man for his way overdue Return to North Carolina. That beautiful soul is miss Robyn from BassBunny Productions, who has apparently known Rawtee for several, several years. After chatting back and forth from time to time since the day I published my first story on the Los Angeles based musician (Read about the Crawfish EP here), I knew that the right move would be catching his debut in the City of Oaks on Halloween eve. Here’s where things get interesting. PS. All photos shown in this review were taken by Rawtee 🙂 

The shenanigans took place in this grungy, yet immaculate venue known as the Black Flower, home of the $8 Miller High Life 40s. This wasn’t your typical Tuesday night, Sub Rosa event.. for the type of party that Robyn and her crew wanted to host, this small and powerful venue seemed like the right choice.

And it was.

When I met the man of the hour, I had made some kind of comment about his age – maybe I was calling him young, but something prompted Raul to say “Dude I’m in my 40s“. We both shared a laugh and appreciated the few moments we had to talk before the start of his set. I know I’m not the first person to say it, but holy cow did RAWTEE show off his energetic, saucy, and rapidly satisfying style to all the bass hungry ghouls and goblins on that fateful Tuesday night. To put things short and sweet: RAWTEE loves Riddim.

And I love RAWTEE.

     If I showed you some of the doubles that this man dropped during his set, you might lose your mind – but I don’t like to hide too much, so check it out :: Rawtee – “Time 4 Revenge (Darth Raul VIP Spesh)” Bewildered (Created just for the show) doubled with Infekt & 5ohman“Ammo”. The crowd would go absolutely bananas anytime Rawtee would throw in something filthy an unexpected by artists like Warned, AOWL, Flix, Ganon, Subject 31 and Kron. He also played a lot of exclusive tunes such as “Killing Machine (2018 Street Fighter VIP)” – “Dynasty (Team Butcher Spesh)” – you wouldn’t imagine how much headbangers and wobble monsters in North Carolina love Riddim. (Click Here to Watch a 6 minute Facebook Live Video of this Performance!) There’s no doubt that Rawtee likes to experiment with the swampy spectrum of Dubstep.

   But when Rawtee isn’t mixing dangerously tasteful Riddim tunes, he’s playing some major Jump Up DnB by artists like Propz & Rowney, Dominator (R.I.P.), Annix, Jack the Ripper, Dangerous, Bou, Modified Motion & Supreme Being.  A few personal Jump Up bangers that you could hear live from the West Coast speed demon include “Lazer Chicken“, “Alligator” and his “HO71INE BOOTLEG“. I can assure you that mixing in fifteen or twenty minutes of Jump Up after throwing down a seriously heavy Riddim set will make a room full of costume wearing Bass freaks happy – so if you see Rawtee is coming to your town, get ready to dance and shout… because this man knows what Bass music is all about!

Raul, I’m very honored that I got to witness such a dastardly yet wholesome performance – a filthy yet spiritually uplifting experience – a monstrosity of a spectacle of unadulterated bass. We got spoiled on that special Halloween celebration, and I’m very grateful it was because of you!

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Ain’t No One Rawer Than Rawtee

– Zyven

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