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The Northern Invasion is Coming Soon – a Preview of the North America Riddim Olympics

Today is a day unlike others, my friends. I have been given the opportunity to highlight all of the best aspects of the 2020 edition of the infamous Northern Invasion concert series that has set a whole new standard for Riddim Dubstep aficionados from all corners of North America. I haven’t gone a week without some sort of reminder about Northern Invasion Volume Four from the moment the Riddim overlords released this massively incredible line up. Every Riddim warrior and robot from across the land could finally get excited to see some of their all time favorite producers perform for the very first time. Pack your snow boots, a pen and notebook and bring a flash drive – you never know what you’ll see, who you’ll meet, or where you’ll end up after a Riddim show in Montreal.

That’s right folks, you read that correctly. Subfiltronik, Artix, Akira, Ayonikz, AOWL, Digitist b2b Executioner, Flix b2b Motus and GramGreene. There’s a lot to be admired about a lineup as immense as this one – if you wanted to throw the word legend out there, you could even say that this lineup is filled with legends from top to bottom. Let’s break it down and get you all extra hyped about just exactly who will be performing at Club Soda on February the 7th. I’ll go in alphabetical order since I’m feeling a little festive today.


It has been an all time mission of mine to see the Scottish Warlord perform some of his wildest tunes in a live setting. For those of you who are still becoming familiar with the “Limbo Leader“, the “Skitz Cunt“, the “Mac 9” wielder, Akira is one of the original members of the Monsters crew, and he’s never had a problem with turning a crowd inside out. This might be one of the dirtiest performances to hit North America to date – beware. (Read our 2018 “Mayhem VIP” Akira story!)


Quite possibly one of my favorite artists on the bill is the Denver, Colorado mission master, the creature of the night who never stops lurking, the Riddim mamba monster who proudly served the United States army until it was time to go home just a few short months ago…. In the streets of Riddimville he is known as non other than AOWL. Ladies and gentlemen, this set is bound to be a certified honker as it is the very first time that AOWL will be performing in the great nation of Canada. Get your minds and necks ready for tunes like “Bomb Time” and “Takin Over.” (Check out our 2019 AOWL Interview!)


It seems like Canada is going to get the proper South America treatment as one of the greatest producers from the lower hemisphere makes his way to Montreal to perform for the very time. For those of you who are learning about the Northern Invasion show from this preview, I’m beyond excited to share that Argentina’s very own Artix! will be rumbling bodies in just the matter of weeks. This guy has been on my radar for quite some time now – singles such as “Rowdy” co-produced with Russia’s Enimpa and “Siempre Low” created with the UK Wizard, MED, are among my favorite Artix! tunes! But for a more recent Artix! banger, check out “The Last Uchiha” (PS. Here’s a story about Artix! we published last year!)


I might be the only person in the world to say this, but the name Ayonikz gives me absolute shivers. There aren’t a lot of Riddim producers in this world who have quite mastered the gangster flow and on stage presence that this man developed. While I haven’t had the pleasure of catching Ayonikz perform tunes like “Yoshi Skank” or “Look at My Neck” live yet, I’ve seen plenty of videos of the Amsterdam legend shutting down cities across the globe. Now Montreal is going to get another dose of Riddim from the NoFufu capitan. But will they survive? (Check out this story about Ayonikz from earlier this year).


Out of everyone on the lineup, I can honestly say that I’m not as familiar with Digitist as I’d like to be. From what I’ve heard off tunes like “Smonk” with Kadaver and Svdden Death, and “The Shining Dragon“, he’s quite the heavy producer. The mere fact that they put the San Francisco based producer to go back to back with the death monger known as Executioner means that everyone who owns them better start preparing their nukes.. Enjoy his new Wrong Number EP that recently dropped on Never Say Die Records!


Who in their right mind adopts the name Executioner for their Dubstep tunes? Someone who isn’t in their right mind of course… Hailing all the way from.. Well, we don’t exactly know where Executioner is from. But I’d like to think that someone with such an aggressive name must come from a more calm and relaxing side of the states, somewhere like Minnesota, or maybe even Wisconsin? Wherever this demon may call home doesn’t really matter. What truly matters is that he will be shelling out tunes like “Bisexual Water” and “Yopig 2019” with Digitist on February 7th! (Learn a little more, but not quite much more, about the obscure harbinger of death from our Cunt Fuzz story here!)


So far, none of the producers performing at Northern Invasions have actually come from Canada, until now. There’s nothing like a good couple of FLIX tunes before bed to make a guy go practice his Riddim chops in his dreams, amirite North America? The Quebec City allstar absolutely murdered my friends and I at the recent installment of Valhalla Sound Circus – I had always seen FLIX performing style in different videos (mainly from GramGreene), but ever since I discovered this mad man, I have been hooked. I know he’ll play new tunes off his Observatory EP – be prepared for “MAXIMUM BASS” people! (Ps. Here’s a story I wrote about FLIX, Ivory, and MED in 2017).


How can you have a Riddim function in Montreal and not invite GramGreene? The folks over at Alpha Squadron knew that it would be in everyone’s best interest if the New Jersey based videographer came back to destroy the good people of Northern Invasion in two thousand and twenty. But this man is no stranger to the Carolinas – in the early months of 2018, I managed to bring both GramGreene and Berrix to Charlotte to perform some of the wildest North Carolina debut performances I have ever seen. GramGreene is a truly class act, and I will go see him any day of the week. Heck – I even stuck around Illinois for a few days just so I could see him play with Al Ross, Bommer, and STYN. Anyways, below is a video of GramGreene coming out to Charlotte and going back to back with the legend Crowell.


There are ten incredible producers on this lineup, and I can say I’ve had the pleasure of booking two of them in my days as a concert curator, but only one of these shows took place in Canada. Somehow, the Riddim Lords introduced me to my brothers Zeydax, Glodz, and Fullfvce who joined in me in bringing the first MOTUS b2b Smal B performance this world has ever seen. I’ve been following MOTUS since 2017, and I’m really glad that he agreed to play our show. The “Wonky Gun” producer is known for his incredible double and triple drop routines that make the crowd go absolutely insane. I had the chance to see MOTUS go back to with FLIX at Valhalla this summer, and honestly my life just hasn’t been the same since. Here’s a video of MOTUS and Smal B going back to back at the first edition of So We Heard You Like Dubstep: Montreal. (Ps. feel free to check out this story I wrote about the Flix and Motus Imposters EP)


Last, but certainly not least, we have the UK Riddim leyenda of the year, the OG “Psycho Blockz” mad man from Manchester, mister Passout and do it again, SUBFILTRONIK. This guy has created a true foundation for Riddim producers and DJs all over the world. His classics sounds like “Insight” and “Demon Master” will remain timeless in our society, but his new tunes such as “Wonky Sub” and “Level Up” slap just as hard. Enjoy this video of Shiverz and Subfiltronik going back to back in Montreal! (Enjoy this story featuring Subtronics and Subfiltronik OG collaboration).

So folks. That’s it! I hope these ten artists are enough for you to travel across the border and see something new! You can Purchase Tickets to Northern Invasion volume 4 here!

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