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The Official Martz Interview [One of Israel’s Finest!]

     With great power, comes great responsibility. An amazing man from North Carolina once said this – and in the case of one of the leading Bass music producers from the Middle East, this statement couldn’t be any truer. His friends know him as Dan Abitan, but his supporters know him as the one, and only Martz, the Riddim dondada. As supporters from different nations echoe his sleek and catchy name to other Riddim kids and bass lovers all over the world, we can’t help but wonder what this man has going on in his personal life.

      The twenty two year old producer has certainly created a legacy for himself not only on the realms of the internet, where music is shared and criticized on a daily basis, but also in his home nation of Israel, as well as other prominent countries across the globe. To put his career into perspective, Martz has collaborated with heavy hitting artists such as Emilian Wonk, Ivory, Emoxx, Infekt, Psycho, and many more notable producers! Some of my personal favorite tracks include “Stage Killa“, “Real Riddim Hours“, “Too Many Hoes,” and Illegal“. But we want to know a little more about how this member of the WobblyGng (pronounced Wobbly Gang) goes about his daily life in his hometown, among some of his other interests and involvement in the Underground Dubstep scene. Without further ado, we now present, The Martz interview:

1. Hello Martz, thank you very much for taking the time to answer a few questions for us brother. How are you feeling today? What’s on your agenda?

I am building a studio right now, so today I painted it and will be finished soon to make bangers!

2. We’ve read in the past that you reside in Israel, what city are you repping? I don’t know much about your country!

Reppin Tel Aviv my man , I DJ many Hip-Hop/Trap parties like 3 times a week and play once every couple months in a Dubstep show.

3. How is Dubstep Music and the Electronic scene and culture received in Israel?

Dubstep was big once in Israel back in 2010 and there were many promoters bringing the biggest artists back then.

In the past 2 years my friends from Bass Camp have brought Dubstep back to life and really making a good new updated scene with parties that have also Riddim & Tearout.

4. Where are some clubs or venues that you’ve performed in the past?

I’ve played in many clubs all around the world maybe like 70 I don’t remember all the names hahaha.

Around California, Israel , Czech Republic , France and Thailand

5. If you could teleport to one planet, any planet in the universe, fictional or real, what would it be?

Probably Argentina to meet up with my people from Wobblygng , Emoxx & Emilian Wonk

6. Respect! If any of our supporters were planning on visiting Israel, what are some places that they should check out? Feel free to include nature related spots!

Jerusalem for sure to learn and see culture related stuff

ALL Tel Aviv

and probably Dead Sea.

7. Thank you for the advice brother! What is one of your favorite memories from a show? Tell us a story, paint us a picture!

When I was 17 (5 years ago) I played at a Dubstep gig in Jerusalem in front of 1000 people, I was mad high so I fucked up with the CDJs and all the music just stopped

My friends backed me up and we were just making a laugh of it.

8. That’s nutty! These things happen. You’ve worked with a lot of producers in the Underground Bass scene, who are some other names that you’re looking to collab with this year?

Me and Skenz have like 4 unreleased tunes that we are going to upload soon

and you will see alot of collabs from all of Wobblygng.

9. We love Wobblygng! When you were growing up, what could be heard in the Abitan household? What can you tell us about your childhood?

I was born in San Diego and lived there until I was 10 then I moved to Israel and I live here until now.

My childhood was fun here in Israel got to learn Hebrew and skateboarding, my friend from school showed me how to use Fruity Loops when I was 14

10. How did you grow a relationship with Emilian Wonk? You two are certainly some of the wobbliest producers in the scene right now.

Emi first hit me up in mid 2016 to collab and tell me he really likes my music , and it just grew from there to making like 6 collabs and video chatting from once a month to once a week and then we met in our gig in Paris.
11. Can you tell us a little bit about the Wizardz Crew and how it got started?

My Friend Tease Dubz (Shai) the dude who showed me Fruity Loops was making dubstep so he opened The Wizards

He started it with adding Teky , MED , Vegas , Citrus and some more
Then I joining and added Ivory & Icon to it.
12. When are Real Riddim Hours for Martz? I like walking around festivals at 7 in the morning playing light Riddim off my phone to see who pops out to dance with me.
Probably when I’m mad I get the best flow for making like grumpy dark or hard Rddim
or just like when I facetime with producers and start collabing

no time of the day for it really.

13. That sounds about right! Anger inspires good music! What other bands, singers, producers or Hip-Hop artists do you really enjoy studying and listening to? Who inspires you to keep writing music?

Well I came from Metal & Rock music so I really got into heavy stuff like old Borgore music.

Then I found 50 Carrot & Megalodon and really saw there is an exact type of sound that I like and years later it started being called Riddim – before it was all just Dubstep, Dark Dubstep or like repetitive Robostep.
My inspirations are probably Dubstep wise : Borgore , Coffi , 50 Carrot , Subfiltronik , Bukez Finest , Emilian Wonk and Requake

Hip-Hop wise : Metro Boomin , all of 808 Mafia , Sam Gellaitry , Mr. Carmack , Stooki Sound , Dr. Derg (RIP) and DJ Yung Vamp.

14. Have you ever heard of a Wisconsin Cheese Curd or Michigan Poutine? Do you like to eat a lot my friend?

Never heard of those and yes I love food!

15. We will invite you whenever you come to the states! We have friends in both places who would be happy to show you around! What else do you do for work?
I teach private lessons to DJ and to Produce
I am a DJ at clubs, bars and private events

and I produce music for singers , guitarists and rappers.

16. You’re a jack of all trades! What can we expect from Martz the rest of 2018? 

17. What flavor Caprisun is your favorite?
MARTZ, We love you brother. Thank you for taking the time to do is. The second you hit the states we want to show you around North Carolina. BLESS UP.

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– Zyven

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