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The Perfect Number EP [the just john interview]


Just John? Yes, just john. Blasting through the border, just john is coming in hot with his debut EP Perfect Number. Mixing elements from Freeform Bass to Halftime loops to Underground Minimal Bass, Perfect Number will have you wanting more than the stellar six tracks on file, but don’t fret, just john has an entire repertoire for you to explore. With the complexity of this massive EP release I felt like I had to ask the British Columbia mountain-man a few questions.

Most influential artist that got you started and most influential person that keeps you striving for more?

The Dubstep scene as a whole got me started around 2012 not really one artist, but the most influential person that keeps me striving for more is thook. I love his style and how his tunes are so out of the box. Hobbies besides creating spicy beats, I live in the mountains so I really enjoy getting out and doing outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and Bush raves! I used to be really in to skateboarding and long-boarding but I have been using my time lately for beat making whenever I have a chance outside of working full time as a carpenter!

Stomping grounds?

I’m from a small town in British Columbia Canada called Kimberly.

What’s the Canadian bass scene like?

Its thrives but it’s not as big as USA because there aren’t as many people, but the small amount of people that do listen really love the underground bass movement!

What’s the secret behind the perfect number?

No big secret, I was looking for good vocal samples for the song and came across that one and i thought it worked perfect and also thought it should be a good fit for the EP title considering the release date is 420.

Anything you want the people to know?

I appreciate everyone who supports my music, a lot more on the way including 2 more EPs this summer!!

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 simply, John

– Zeno

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