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The Positive Vibrations of Sergio Grossi’s “Love Chronicles” Project

This world works in very mysterious ways – we often meet other people because of a mere coincidence that could have never happened. Whenever my brother Muzamil invited me up to join him on a DJ venture for one of the local sororities at Appalachian State, I didn’t expect to come across a special soul who has been crafting his sound ever since the beginning of time. The moment I met MUZ’s production guru of a roommate was no mere coincidence; it was obviously destiny. I think the universe was trying to show me a new style of love and romance infused with musical production that I’m not really accustomed to. But I knew that once I left those beautiful mountains of Boone, I would some day hear back from the talented producer, writer, and rhymestar known as Sergio Grossi. Gear up ladies and gentlemen because his second studio album, Love Chronicles, is one of the most relate-able and smoothest projects that I have heard to date.

The Love Chronicles project features ten unique creations that showcase the amorous adventures and struggles that Grossi has experienced throughout his life. We’ve all been there. And we all have a “Charmer” in our life – Grossi kicks off his project with a lively saxophone, maraca friendly powerhouse of a tune that paints the picture of a bueatiful woman who possesses the ability to charm a fella off his feet. I really like how this tune makes me feel like I’m strolling through the streets of 18th century Persia admiring all the incredibly, smack dab gorgeous ladies around me.

I had to reach back out to Grossi and ask him who was rapping all the lyrics of the different projects on Love Chronicles – I thought he merely produced the project. My next favorite tune off Sergio’s album is “Flow.” It’s a soulful and impactful tune that showcases a man’s journey in life searching for the right woman. But let’s be real, most of us really haven’t found her yet. The hook really resonates with me “In the right frame of mind, the perception is a chance to grow. An opportunity prime, and ready to unfold.

If you enjoy catchy songs with a nice beat and a melodic flow, then “Istanbul” is right up your alley. “Istanbulshows off some really sweet guitar notes. The word play on this tune is truly creative. “I know that with time, I could teach her to ball, That’s when she dropped a 3 like it was nothin’ at all, Was hoping to cop free agency before she bounce, but I know at this rate I’m bound to foul out like.

After chopping it up with Sergio about Love Chronicles, he gave me a little bit of inside information that will give you more of an understanding behind the project. “Istanbul is about a girl that I was trying to spend time with, and she followed basketball religiously… so in the manner of GZA in “Queen’s Gambit”, I named every NBA team.

Sergio continues… “The album traverses an entire story of romance from it’s beginning of settings at clubs and bars in seek of love (tracks 2-3) … track 4 “Flow” tells a story that is important. Sometimes you have to go with the flow when you realize your expectations of love must be delayed. The song is conveying the message that you shouldn’t force things and instead enjoy the time you can spend alone and improving yourself.”

Without Making a Sound” is about a lover who “on the inside she’s my prototype gonna be hard to say goodbye” even though I want to be with her – I know it’s not meant to be.” – Says Sergio

The album morphs more and more into the vibe of the final song, “Forever”, which is meant to encapsulate unconditional love.”

It really amazes me that all of the songs on Love Chronicles feature such a large array of instruments that you would expect to hear in a live band. While Grossi actually does team up with different musicians from all over the world who contribute their instrumental energy to this project, I wouldn’t doubt that he could compose the whole tune using just a digital audio workstation. But it’s always fun working with friends. A huge shout out to Hinton Edgerton on Bass, Brady Storm Kennedy on Drums and Conga, Jacob Smith, Aaron Collins, Ashley Lane and Elora Dash on vocals, Aaron West, Austin Bowling and Caleb McMahon on guitar and Rachel Rowes on the artwork. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

My friends, if you consider yourself a fan of smooth jazz, relaxing Hip-Hop, love stories and perilous adventures through the heart that relate to your own life, then I definitely recommend giving a listen to Love Chronicles. This was a bit hard for me to write because I’m dealing with a weird breakup myself – but at the same time, it’s a good reminder of all the golden days. Big ups Sergio. Never stop creating music brother.

NOW. On a more Bass/Electronic friendly side of the spectrum, Sergios put out a 4 track remix EP featuring the likes of a variety of Carolina based badmons such as BroMosapien, Phyphr, Konglo, Lavier, and Yen. Workouts Volume One is much more than just a vibe – it’s a gateway to another dimension where nothing but love, bass and dancing exist.

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– Zyven
(The Riddim Professor)

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