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The Power of K: When KC DUBZ & KOZIK Collide

     The perfect alien Riddim. If I wanted this review to be short and sweet, I would leave it at those four words. But this brand new slapper made by non other than Brazilian production guru, KC Dubz and the California creator KOZIK, is an absolute masterpiece, and I honestly feel glad I caught it sooner than later so I could share it with you folks, the good supporters of The Charlotte Sessions! My brothers, sisters, and cyborgs, I was given a very fair warning about the destructive nature of KC Dubz by the New Jersey overlord, WARNED, when I asked him who he was listening to a few weeks ago.

Little did I know that KC Dubz had such a powerful nature to his productions – come to find out that this artist is a complete monster in  the studio having created tunes such as “Search Failure Dub” & “ECHO“. But, I also have to give it to KOZIK for keeping the underground Riddim scene booming with his countless swampy bangers (“HuhMuhNuhMa – Nah” & “Turtle“). HOWEVER Folks. Somewhere, some how, a dedicated, Riddim loving, mega-chopping fanatic in Illinois had his wildest dream come true as KC Dubz and Kozik joined forces to create their newest hit, “Last Chance.” Imagine  this.. your space cruiser just got boarded by a group of marauding Riddim Aliens from Planet Purge and one of them came through with the theme song for the epic battle you’re about to face. Hope you enjoy the tune!

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Warriors, Come out to play! 

– Zyven

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