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The Riddim Boat Volume One is Out Now!

Ladies and gentlmen, Riddim reapers, naughty Dub robots, and fans of everything strange and mystical will really enjoy what I came here to say today.

The Riddim Boat has finally set sail.

If you haven’t heard the filthy, wonky, ever so wonderful word yet.. We decided to drop a new album on Charlotte Sessions Audio, our filthy record label that was finally brought into this universe after years of dreaming and brainstorming. Earlier this year, I was blessed to release an incredible compilation album that showed the love and appreciation that we have towards the underground bass scene and the artists I’ve supported on this blog at some point during this nearly five year long journey (Listen to Royal Rhythm Volume One here). releasing music earlier this year – Just a few weeks ago, Mohno, MOE and I decided it was time to drop the Freak Em Out EP for the Riddim fans to hear – TODAY. My friends, a few artists I really look up to, and newly discovered talent have come together to bring forth this one of a kind, internationally blessed project known as The Riddim Boat Volume One.

I’d like to give a quick thank you to the following artists for blessing this album:
Dizzy III [Houston, Texas]
MOTAR [Quito, Ecuador]
GEEKU [Harrisbusrg, Pennsylvania]
Anodic [Atlanta, Georgia]
Hellboy [Buenos Aires, Argentina]
Felony [Louisville, Kentucky]
LAEM [Buenos Aires, Argentina]
Mohno [Greensburg, Pennsylvania]
Delcherro [Brussels, Belgium]
Poisonouz [Buenos Aires, Argentina]
DonLear [Stawiguda, Poland]
Chromadubz [Michigan City, Indiana]
Okreglucky [Stawiguda, Poland]

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– Zyven

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