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The Secret Interview with the Talented Rozez

Tell me a time where music gave you one of the most enjoyable and memorable moments of your entire life!
Music gave me the most enjoyable & memorable moments – when I played with my cousin Jon Izzy, I saw that in that moment and time we were both happy worry free. Music was/is our therapy our way of coping with whatever life throws at us. Music was the one thing that saved me when I lost him and gave me hope to better my life.

That’s a very special response. Who are some artists that you would recommend all the readers to listen to?
Some artists I would recommend my readers to listen to are Zeds Dead, G-Space, Angelic Root, Mystic Grizzly, Space Wizard.

This song reminds me of Jon gives me strength everyday to continue to work on my love my passion music. I almost quit because I started mixing and sharing my love, passion with him so it was hard to play alone again but I’m doing it and will do it until I’m dead. I will play the best set anyone has seen from in Charlotte and Jon will shine through me! So get ready Charlotte!

That’s such a great list of producers right there. Mystic Grizzly Familia for life! What are you going to dress up as for Halloween?
I’m deciding between Rick (Rick & Morty) or doing a couples costume with my lady.

If you dress up like Rick and she dresses up like Morty I’m sure you’ll win best costume! Do you take interest in any instruments, sports, or games?
I’ve been playing the drums, guitar and piano for about 6 years. Since I was little I’ve played basketball, softball and ran track. My favorite games are Uno and Connect Four!

What can you tell me about your first soundcloud release, “Area 51”?
“Area 51” was about Jon I made it kinda in a rush to play at Buku which was the first show I went to in Greensboro with Jon. The song isn’t long but express my feelings towards losing him.

What kind of new strategies and techniques have you been learning to implement in your music?
The strategies I’ve been learning are to familiarize myself with production software and I have a good friend teaching me his way of producing but I’ve studied music theory for years that I was able to apply that to my producing that made it easier to understand.

Don’t ever stop the grind! What excites you the most about your performance at SWHYLD Volume 5?
What excites me the most about my performance at SWHYLD Volume 5 is that I get to play outside of home and show a new town some of my music. I get to be around amazing DJs and producer that I can learn from and just get good advice from. Charlotte has a different vibe that I really love and I’m excited to come out and show you what I’ve been working on! ROZE GANG 🌹

THANK YOU ROZEZ. MUCH LOVE <3 You can Purchase Tickets to So We Heard You Like Dubstep Volume 5 Here!

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– Zyven
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