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The Time We All Needed [New G-Jones Track]

With his third single off his Debut album “The Ineffable Truth” scheduled to release this Fall, G Jones newest track, “Time”, takes us on an inter-dimensional journey with music as our leader. His skills as a producer and sound designer can be deemed as unparalleled in the realm of experimental bass.

The bells in the intro signal the beginning of our trip which leads into a start-up of drum kicks and cymbal hits. Strap into your spaceship as the track then progresses and speeds up with an intense paced baseline paired with a variety of accent sounds blessing the ear drums and taking us further into the this amazing piece of sound design. 

We then arrive at our first stop as the music slows to a calming and ambient beat with the sound of a flute carrying us and slowing our heart rate before we kick back into overdrive. We are lead into the next destination on our trip, which could compare to speeding down a long strip of highway late at night while the calming sound disconnects us from the intense speed at which we are moving. 

As this track and journey comes to a close, we float into a void of serenity in which the glitches pick up and prepare us for our next journey through a wormhole before ending and leaving us with a heart pounding cliff hanger. Be sure to stay tuned as this legendary bass producer is creating his own ripples and movement in the music scene. If you haven’t heard his masterpiece of a tune, check it out below.


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