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The Ultimate BINXX Interview

It was a sunny spring afternoon, I had just gotten back to the house from some frivolous adventure in who knows what part of the country – the wind was breezing slowly through the air, and the energy had me feeling on top of the world. I’ll never forget the moment when I made a very special Riddim friendly discovery from the land down below. Some folks call it the Down Under, but I call it the stomping grounds that paved way for one of my favorite producers of all time to craft his wonky and malicious flow. I read the name twice and slow, BINXX…BINXX. It wasn’t long before I was reaching out to him on Instagram asking to do an interview with the lad. Turns out that I was messaging a rapper named BINXX who had no clue as to what I was talking about. After I put a proper name to the face, I shot back and forth with the Western Australia based producer who constantly bangs his tunes for crowds in Perth and Bunbury. Even though this interview took us months on end to finish, there is no doubt in my mind that BINXX will go down as one of the greatest of all time. I now present you, the ultimate BINXX Interview.

How is it going Binxx?! Thank you for joining us today brother!
Glad to be here to have a chat with you lads from CS! Fire away.

I have to be honest with you, I can’t stop listening to “Flex Like”. Where did you get the idea to sample Rihanna for this tune?
Flex Like is one of my favourite original tunes and I always play it out in my sets. I got the idea randomly when I was listening to the original on the radio and I was like fuck it when I get home I’m going to in on this. Rihanna’s arrogant vocals were perfect for the idea I had and it all worked well together. The VIP blew up even bigger than the original which I released on Blind Audio. I have had that played out across the globe at the underground events which is awesome.

Very arrogant vocals – and yes the VIP SLAPS. Who are the Badmonz? What can you tell us about them and your involvement?
Badmonz started up as a collective of artists from Western Australia originally created by Katzu and I. Over the years, everyone went on to do their own thing and now it is basically a group of fresh new DJs and is managed by one of my mates. We also do clothing and events every now and then. The future will definitely be interesting for the Badmonz Collective.

Badmonz for life brother. How long would you say you’ve been writing music? Do you play any other instruments?
I first started writing music back in 2016 with KONN and my best mate KATZU who both use FL Studio. Both of those boys have taught me a lot about production but from then on, I had to learn my own style and sound. A lot of it was experimenting. Nah, I don’t play any other instruments. I’d definitely be interested in learning piano or the trumpet. Listen to Binxx and KONN “Road to Ruin” HERE.

What about singing or rapping? What do I have to do to hear a Binxx Freestyle?
I don’t sing or rap, but a few of my Perth and Bunbury mates do. So I leave that for them.

What town are you repping brother? Is this the same town that you were born in?
I grew up in the lower south of Western Australia for 17 years and then I moved up to Australind which is now where I rep #6233. We are the Plug Posse, no doubt about it!

What are some special traditions that are unique to where you’re from?
Me and the Posse basically just turn it on every weekend and head to Perth to play shows and have a good time. Got to do it while we are young, am I right? Ha-ha-ha. You will probably find us raving to the grave #PPosse

What are some of your favorite venues to catch a good Dubstep show in your town?
As far as venues go pretty much all of our venues in Perth are awesome and have there own unique features. The events I enjoy playing the most are Filth and Society ran by the Immerse boys. Always good vibes and such a good crew.

Where are some dope cities that your music has taken you to?
It honestly doesn’t get much better then Perth my dude. But I have been to Brisbane and Newcastle they were both awesome in there own way. Shout out to Havoc and Royal Bass.

Who are some producers that really inspire you to constantly work on your craft?

AKIRA is easily my biggest inspiration. Met him a year ago and he is one of the best blokes I have ever met, such a humble guy and always helping me with my music. I also do enjoy listening and finding inspiration from Subfiltronik, Blankface and Jub.

All dons and legends in their own way. Thank you BINXX for giving us and the good people of the Riddim Dubstep world the chance to get to know you better!
No Problem CS! I’m always here for a chat with anyone! Make sure all you mad cunts stay humble! 

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– Zyven
(The Riddim Professor)

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