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The Ultimate Riddim Celebration of America

If you told me a year ago that I would be moving my life to Cook County for a few months to work a door to door sales job, I probably would have looked right back at you and called ya crazy. But after countless adventures in the city of Chicago and the village of Grayslake in the past eight years, it was only a matter of time before the universe would lead me back to Chicagoland once again. Except living and working in Illinois is a whole different beast than just visiting for a Dubstep or Riddim related vacation. Once you live in Chicagoland, you discover cities and villages such as Waukegan, Algonquin, and Glencoe that are designed to make you smile in one way or another. But what does Waukegan have that the other countless cool spots in Chicagoland don’t? R I D D I M.

What’s Riddim without Tacos?

At the beginning of my new journey, I managed to catch sets by artists like Skampa, The Lost Scout, and SEVERE, all of who play a very pivotal part in the constant growth and expansion of the Illinois Riddim scene. The name of this incredible home for Dubstep and Riddim fanatics is better known as BASS STATION. It’s like SERJ back at home, but a whole lot bigger – not to mention literally everyone around here loves getting down and dirty to Riddim. It is a true haven for anyone who wants to throw up some high knees, bounce around in circles and pull out the gun fingers at any given, glorious moment. But one of my visits to Bass Station stood out among the rest. When I caught word that my favorite Wisconsin producer, YUNIT would be in Waukegan, I knew exactly where I wanted to spend the rest of my 4th of July Chicagoland experience. Thanks to Wub Life Ent, I was able to end my Independence Day with a true bang.

At some point in 2019, a man from Australia named Damian, owner of Perth based record label F Audio, brought the likes of YUNIT to my attention. I had already heard some tunes that I liked by the West Bend based artist, but Damian really made it clear to me that YUNIT was someone worth watching. Eventually I heard tunes such as “Let’s Go” and “Blaster” that caused me to enter full on Super-Sayain Ultimate Skank mode. Needless to say, when I strolled into the inner workings of Bass Station to see what kind of stage production they had set up for the evening, my jaw dropped quicker than a pin-head on drop day. I squinted my eyes and peeped YUNIT blasting off gun-finger worthy Riddim on a Star Wars themed tie-fighter stage. I’ve seen artists perform on a propeller plane type of stage down in Florida, and even a battleship in New Jersey, but never something quite as peculiar as this tie-fighter.

I couldn’t believe I was getting to hear some of my favorite sounds surrounded by some of my favorite people. I ran into my buddy DougNug bouncing around just a few feet away from me. I’ll never forget stumbling upon his 5:00 am Riddim set at Electric Forest last year. Eventually I found my buddy Martin the Space Wook, another Lake County hooligan. I was in good hands. When YUNIT decided to throw in one of his newest creations known as “WAP WAP,” I immediately lost my cool and started singing along with the really punchy synths that remind me of a robot having a complete meltdown. Soon enough the cheese-head transitioned into the introduction of my favorite creation of his – I really started to lose my marbles, to say the least.

A few Riddim cyborgs ran from the bar in pure excitement when they heard the sounds of “Level Up” start to creep through the sound system. This is quite possibly the filthiest YUNIT song made to date. Sirens, chimes and a mysterious, eerie voice of a concerned female saying “I was calling” started to rumble on. I was chatting up this one dude who drove from Wisconsin to catch one of his favorite producers specifically play this tune. As soon as she said “I was calling to say I…” the whole room lit up in an uproar. Low and behold, the drop kicked us into a complete new dimension as we were clearly no longer in Waukegan. This was by far one of the nastiest Riddim sets I’ve experienced all year, and for that I thank you YUNIT!

If you think anyone survived after that, you’re dead wrong. But after passing out, we all got back up and proudly started doing our Riddim claws and low hip swivel bops all over again.

Bonus image of some cool outdoor DJ going HARD

THANK YOU VERY MUCH WUB LIFE ENT, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. That show was FIRE. Also big ups JT Photography for the awesome photos! (If you have the link to the photographer’s page please send it to me so I can add the hyperlink.)

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