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The Ultimate Wakaan Halloween Celebration [Thank You Liquid Stranger]

I woke up on that fateful Thursday morning thinking to myself “this is just another day like the rest of em.” I will admit, I was a little bummed out over the fact that I was scheduled to work while Swedish production guru Liquid Stranger was set to melt my favorite Carolina city, Charlotte, into tiny bite sized bass molecules. But like the old saying goes, everything happens for a reason – tomorrow is never guaranteed, and neither is that special Halloween night with all of your favorite people. So believe me when I say that I was beyond ecstatic to get a phone call from my boss telling me to stay home for the night.
But what my boss didn’t know is that his phrase had a double meaning. Sure, I would stay home from work, but I was definitely making my way to the queen city to celebrate with my people. I made myself something good to eat and then packed my car for and early trip to the Queen City. Now all I had to do was find ticket. Not only was the supreme overlord of the Wakaan people going to bless us with a special night filled with wonky, alien friendly bangers, the support for the evening included Shlump, Conrank and Inzo – a true treat for all of the visitors and Charlotteans alike. Luckily enough, a nice man named Kevin helped me get a ticket for the night – my evening was completely turned upside down for the better. Thank you Kevin and many blessings to you and the Sugar Society familia.

As soon as I made it into the venue, I saw my friend Curtis aka Scary Poppins, which put the biggest smile on my face. I ran into so many homies that evening – Amanda Vyna, Mello Yellow, Boozer, Tuff, Sean and the beautiful Tori, Xack, Ryan, Cody, Larz and the oh so incredible Cheyann who showed me her secret McDouble for desperate times. I’m definitely leaving out some names, but that’s because I don’t have the greatest memory for some things.

Nevertheless, I was happy to see Shlump, the California Space cadet tearing down the crowd with his low end, heavy bass signature sounds. He had a lot of energy to match the rambunctious crowd that vivacious evening – it had been a few months since I saw him at the Cat’s Cradle, which was a truly special experience to say the least. I wish I made it a little sooner so I could have caught his new tunes from the System Crash EP – but I did manage to catch nasty remix of what I believe was “Sweetshop” by Doctor P. I’m more on the 80% sure side; I even ran into Shlump at the after party at SERJ and commended him for such a filthy remix of such a classic tune. Imagine him unexpectedly going back to back with the UK legend, Conrank in a small 240 person club after the incredible night I had just encountered at the Fillmore just a few moments ago. It was true madness. Anyways, if you caught Shlump play “Mysteries” or “Flying Saucer“, please send me that asap.

It was finally time for the man of the hour to come out on stage and take the good people in Charlotte to another dimension. I can go for a a Liquid Stranger set at any given moment of the week – I’ve never been disappointed by any of his performances, and its safe to say that he scrambles my brain and soul every time I see him. I can truly appreciate what he has done with the Wakaan movement, and for the opportunities he has created not only for the musicians that release tunes with him, but for a community of individuals who truly love the sounds that allow us to release our inner alien. My favorite quote of all time from Liquid is “You can go ahead and take your space suits off for this one” – it blows my mind that there are people around this world that appreciate the cosmos and all its glorious mysteries as much as I do.

If you were at this special Halloween experience, then you definitely got to hear major tunes like “Party Like Us“, “Gunslinga“, “Rekt“, and “Lost in the Jungle” with Ganja White Night. I asked my buddy Josh Corcoran to tell me about his favorite memory of the evening and this is what he had to say – “I was standing front row and center when LS walked on to the stage. The energy that erupted from just his presence alone was overwhelming to the point that the hairs on my arms literally stood up. From that point on it was a sensory overload. Everywhere I looked was blissful mayhem. I was certainly blessed to be in Charlotte on that beautiful night. Thanks again Sugar Society and Disco Donnie for bringing such a fire show to North Carolina. Cheers!

Photo Shot by OhDagYo.

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– Zyven
 (The Riddim Professor)

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