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The Unbeatable shwiLLy & Thew “Chokehold”

It’s no secret that North Carolina supports the Spicy Bois – ever since I first heard MeSo’s wobbly style and began discovering artists such as Space Wizard, Cnopes, Trigem, Bagssssss, and Molokai (the list goes on). But when I started listening to a Alabama all-star, Shane Williams, better known as the legendary shwiLLy, I felt that he would be a really great act to bring to the Queen City. When my mom moved to this country, she went straight to Dothan, Alabama and started her new life in the States.

In a sense, I was really proud to bring a little bit of what influenced the woman who raised me to my city. But when you hear songs like “Quit My Job“, “Wooked on a Feeling” or “Dat Part” you can’t help but wonder how this guy would mix these tunes in a live setting. So Logan, Tyler and I did the right thing and brought him out, along with British Columbia legend, Just John, for one of the wildest show of all time.

When I asked shwiLLy if he would do me the honor and release one of his hidden bangers on a Mission to Mars, and of course, this is the result. He said something to me along the lines of having a really weird, but fun and wonky tune co-produced with one of his best friends and collaborators by the name of Thew (Mathew Warburton) – So I told him to send it. Low and behold ladies and gentlemen, this is what an intergalactic Chokehold sounds like, if you slow down the action, record each sound, and morph it a bit on Ableton. We hope you enjoy!

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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