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The Unreleased Rettchit Interview [Inside the CPU of Colorado’s Finest Cyborg]

This universe means a lot to me for a variety of reasons: the stars are beautiful to look at, the beings floating around do a great job at making me smile, and the sounds that are crafted by so many dedicated musicians never fail to make me dance. Another driving force that makes living this beautiful life so much more worthwhile is because of the destructive yet blissfully nurturing style that makes Rettchit the Colorado cyborg that everyone has come to know and love. It’s safe to say that the state of Dubstep and Bass music wouldn’t be the same without the powerful sounds crafted by the young automaton. I’m very happy to announce that Rettchit took the time to answer a few questions that have been sitting at the top of my head for quite some time now. Without further ado, we now present the extremely rare and spicy Rettchit x Charlotte Sessions Interview!

So how did the idea for Rettchit come about? Obviously you’re a robot crafted by the finest scientists that Colorado has to offer. But how did the concept for this robot come about?
Honestly I’m not really sure how the name fully came about. I was 13 at the time and I was working on a dinky little DAW, and “Rettchit” popped into my head. Stuck with it ever since. As I grew up, the name became a robot!

Do you play any other instruments?
I do! I also play Guitar and Drums!

I’m really digging your mega “Poltergeist” collaboration with MegaHurtz and Dedbolt! How did the creation of this tune come about?
Megahurtz and Dedbolt are really talented friends of mine from Detroit and I wanted to help them achieve some goals, I brought them onto my EP release “Quake” on Firepower Records after they sent me a SICK idea which of course turned into “Poltergeist”!

I remember seeing a few clips of you performing in China recently! What cities did you play in? What were the venues like? The promoters and the crowd? Tell us what you can about this experience!
I performed in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The crowds were unbelievable with unmatched energy the entire set. Sights were amazing with so much beautiful plantlife. Food was excellent… for the most part.  The venues were by far the best venues I’ve ever played in. They really focused on the general production of their stage, with LED walls and lasers, of course with added Co2 Cannons and confetti!

You seem to have a great relationship with the folks over at Firepower Records. These guys are a huge staple in the Dubstep scene! How did this union come about and grow?
My relationship with Firepower Records started about 3-4 years ago when I was submitting to them constantly. One day I actually got a reply saying “It’s good, but you need some work on your mixdown.” So I then spent about a year studying and practicing, taken under the wing of Zetta for a little bit. Zetta and I collaborated for “Sedona” and that ended up being my first release on Firepower.

Tell us a little more about your breakout project The Harvester EP. How did you link up with Messinian on this one?
Harvester was my first EP on Firepower, so of course I’m biased. I just messaged Messinian on Facebook and asked to work with him, sending him a rough idea. He replied saying it was a sick idea and boom, we made “Harvester”!

Who are some artists that you are absolutely dying to collaborate with? They don’t have to be Bass music producers!
Kompany mostly because he’s killing the game right now. His work is what I love about Dubstep.

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What does the word Reticulum mean to you?
Reticulum is a star constellation! Creepy part is that Zetta was my teacher, my name is Rettchit, and the star system its in is called “Zeta Reticuli”!  

Where is WaterShip Records from and how did you two meet?
Watership is from the artist Whiskers, you may know him from his very popular “Bad MF” track with Boogie T! He messaged me wanting an EP from me, so I released “Reticulum” with them, being my favorite work so far. 

Now for the random questions! What was your favorite film last year?
Favorite film…. I’d have to say The Incredibles 2! I don’t watch many movies lol

If you were a human and you could have any meal cooked for you to perfection, what would it be?
Filet Mignon with Lobster Tail, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and a side of chicken alfredo!

What is your absolute favorite place to visit and vacation?
So far my favorite place has been either China or Hungary!

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Last but not least, who’s your favorite Pokémon?
Darkrai, Deoxys, Groudon, and Ursaring!

You look like a Deoxys kind of cyborg! Thanks again for doing this interview with me brother Rettchit! Cheers <3

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– Zyven

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