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The Untold Story of Lost Lands: Year One

     It’s hard to think that almost five years ago I experienced my first Excision concert at the Fillmore in Charlotte, located at the bottom of my beautiful home state, North Carolina. Like most people who had seen the videos of his infamous stage production masterpiece, the Executioner, I was amazed that a single man from Kelowna was capable of putting together such an incredible evening for so many dedicated people. But then I learned that like most notable artists, Excision had a team who helped him put on that unforgettable show that truly impacted the way I experience live music. The live touring experience, the amazing visuals, and the impressive stage production that we all love and cherish wouldn’t be the same without his family of headbangers. Fast forward to the 2017, Excision now has a few top notch albums under his belt (such as Codename X and Virus), the visual experience has become a lot more experimental, and overall his concerts are getting heavier! So can you imagine how true fans of the Dubstep and Bass music scene must have felt when they first got the news that Excision and his team were putting on a music festival.. with DINOSAURS, and calling it Lost Lands? I nearly fell out of my seat as I first read the words: “Lost Lands”. Like most people, I was drinking my coffee as the post came across my screen. A three day Bass music showdown in the heart of Thornville, Ohio, home to the infamous festival grounds known as Legend Valley, featuring some of the craziest names in the Bass Music scene, hosted by the Dubstep marauder and his team. I thought to myself “Oh no he didn’t”. (Disclaimer: It has been one official year since the first year of Lost Lands has taken place. This short story is about my first experience at Legend Valley, and the many amazing memories that were made on that final weekend of September.)

  Oh yes he did. According to a friend, Legend Valley was grounds for a massive Grateful Dead gathering as well as a special event designed for fans of the Insane Clown Possee, among hundreds of other festivals that people from all over the world have attended. But now, the call for all headbangers was finally reaching our ears. Lost Lands. It echoed slowly through my head, Lost Lands. The concept of 500,000 Watts of bass and a dangerously filthy line up of OG Dubstep producers such as Zeds Dead, Cookie Monsta, Funtcase, Protohype, and Downlink along with newer, heavy hitting and highly talented acts like Ganja White Night, PhaseOne, JPhelpz, Dion Timmer, and Virtual Riot, sounded to good to be true. My friend Traci kept telling me how amazing Legend Valley is, given she had just survived Resonance Music Festival which took place not too long before Lost Lands. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait for my second trip to Ohio. Bass music rumbles through the sweet earth that keeps us moving every day – especially in Buckeye Nation baby!

     It was now September 29th, the official commencement day for Lost Lands 2017 and also my mom’s birthday. All I needed was to conquer a short seven hour drive from Charlotte in order to reach paradise. But I realized, even if Lost Lands weren’t happening that weekend, being in the borders of Ohio is a sweet slice of paradise on its own – the state has some really powerful bursts of energy as you travel around from city to city. Most people didn’t believe me when I shared the route I took to Lost Lands. I saw a sign for Athens, Ohio which immediately triggered my brain to pull off on the next exit so I could explore my buddy’s town. Earlier in the year I had spent a couple hilarious hours in Athens hanging with a new friend that I had met at an after party for Tantrum, Creation and Lord Swan3x. But what really came to mind was a stop at the university that makes Athens one of the biggest party cities in Ohio. I made a pit stop in Ohio University to explore the campus for a little bit. In my short time there, I made six new friends from Cleveland who were raising money for their friend’s mission trip, got some Chinese food a block down the street from the populated side of campus, walked off the incoming feeling of the itis and bought OU a sticker for my car, and swiftly made my way back to the interstate. If you’re coming from the southeast, I definitely recommend exploring this cultured Athens campus. It was a much needed detour!

     It wasn’t long until I got distracted on the highway once again. A huge brown sign read something about nature, so I pulled over to ask the ranger a very important question. “Where the waterfalls at?” In the back of my mind, I really wanted to see some of Ohio’s beautiful waterfalls before locking myself into a three day vacation filled with swampy, filthy, dangerously gnarly styles of Bass Music. It couldn’t have been another thirty miles before I approached the entrance for Hocking Hills, a beautiful, nature friendly piece of land filled with various hiking trails and a few incredible waterfalls. Most people don’t enjoy stopping at random spots whenever they have a destination in mind. But stopping at Hocking Hills was certainly worth every second – there’s nothing like the fresh feeling that you took the time to appreciate the things that make your festival state so beautiful, then you will feel much better once you arrive at your festival! After soaking in the beauty, it was time to head to the final, and most important destination of the weekend: LOST LANDS.

     When I pulled up to the scene I was greeted by an older gentleman sporting a full blue jean get up and a pair of sweet golden aviators. I can’t recall the gentleman’s name, but I do remember him telling me that he’s been overseeing festivals at Legend Valley for over thirty years. I nearly shed a tear as one of the the owners of Legend Valley told me “Man, it’s absolutely one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen – they got lifelike dinosaurs all over the place, you’ve gotta get in there and see it for yourself.” I couldn’t believe that I had managed this great parking spot, and was finally minutes away from experiencing one of the best weekends of my life. To top off the perfect arrival, my buddy Rave Daddy Rick (as they call him in Maryland) was waiting for me with my camping pass in hand – I could tell he was excited to bring me to the campsite to meet up with the rest of the DMV crew. It was time for RDR Jr. to join in on the headbanging shenanigans.

   That confused looking headbanger above is the one and only GucciTHerroKitty, a part of the OG Atlantic City Boat Partu Fam. I was astounded to see that glorious face for the first time in months – isn’t it nice how music festivals bring mutual friends together? It felt like an eternity walking all the way to 65th street to relax for fifteen minutes, before walking back to the main gate (EDIT: Since experiencing year two  of Lost Lands all the way from the 600s, I retract my statement about 65th street being too far). As soon as we made it to our destination, I was re-introduced to many familiar faces that I had met earlier in the year at Dreamscape Music Festival. The entire weekend allowed me to get to know this incredible group of people on a whole other level. I’d like to send out some love to Keith, Allison, Devin, Danny, Megan, Cliff, Mike, Amanda, Mark Rod, Rathi, Amy, Clay, Lexie, Patty D aka the greatest human to come out of Massachusetts and last but certainly not least RICK. I’ve never felt more at home with a group of people than you crazy bunch. After gearing up, I made the executive decision of leaving my camera behind so that I could scope out the festival grounds and properly enjoy my Day One experience. I couldn’t stop hearing about that Midnight T. b2b Figure set, so you can imagine how anxious I was to finally get in on the action.


I couldn’t believe the spectacle that my eyes were gazing on. The guy in the blue jean jacket wasn’t lying. There were dozens of random dinosaurs scattered all throughout the park, and almost everyone in sight was dressed up in some kind of crazy costume. It seemed like Halloween came early, and somehow I was getting dealt all the right cards! I felt like the luckiest man alive to experience something like Lost Lands. I had a moment of dejavu the moment I heard the crunchy aggressive sounds of Holliston’s very own SQUNTO the Bass Dragon. This must have been because of my recent Day One Imagine Festival experience, where I had stumbled upon SQUNTO going back to back with the Mantis boys, the perfect set to kick off my Atlanta weekend. We had made our way to the “Cave of Souls” a massive, intricate stage that was met with giant blistering rocks at the entrance, where thousands of fans tightly squeezed themselves as they entered the Cave of Souls to meet their doom!

But once you break through the barrier, you practically level up your Lost Lands experience. Within the cave is a whole new world of clean sound, insane dance moves, and party animals who don’t know the meaning of the word stop. SQUNTO’s track selection was on point from the moment we arrived. One moment you would hear “We don’t give a f*ck, ya’ll p…..” drop right into some filthy unknown Riddim madness. The multiple renditions of “Sayim” got the crowd livid, but it was the times when the Dragon played the metal thrashing Dubs like HMD” that folks in the crowd would go extremely wild – let alone all the unreleased music he performed. The visuals were noticeably trippy, as SQUNTO’s infamous dragon logo would continuously morph with random blue and purple shapes; the patterns were gorgeous, and the lazers definitely helped. Needless to say, SQUNTO gave Lost Landers the perfect mid day Bass packed experience. (Check out the video below shot by Hunter Stelck to enjoy some of this special experience).


     As the night got darker, the music got grimier. Up next was a special performance by everyone’s favorite Pittsburgh party animal producer, BukuHis sound design is massively creative, his music selection always gets me dancing, and his stage presence is beyond entertaining. I’m very glad that Jeff brought the underground Don out to Lost Lands, because it made it a lot easier to shut people up when they said that Lost Lands was pure Dubstep festival (becaus Buku likes to switch it up). But the main reason I was excited for Buku’s performance was because I missed him at Imagine Festival due to schedule conflicts. If Lost Landers at the Cave of Souls were headbanging for SQUNTO, they were either getting down ratchet style for BUKU or catching some of that filthy Kill the Noise at the Prehistoric Stage. A sea of sweaty bodies floated throughout the entire cave as Buku threw down originals like Comic Boy” and Align where the visuals immediately turned into a Tron like atmosphere. To end things the right way, Buku played out one of his fan favorite originals titled Front to Back, but this was simply news to me! Plot twist – we had to leave Buku a little early to catch some of that Kill the Noise action. But props to you Robert for that excellent experience ya Penguin!

Shot by Drew Cutting.

Kill the Noise

Found on KTN’s Facebook page.

     It had only been about two weeks since Kill the Noise invaded the Neighborhood Theater in Charlotte, where he melted hundreds of brains in a swift sixty minute set before Ray Volpe joined in for gnarly secret b2b set. But back to Lost Lands. This was my first time experiencing any live music at the Prehistoric Stage, at least within a close distance of course. It’s nice how you have an entire view of the festival grounds once you step foot into the its realms. Kill the Noise seemed to have picked up a lot more rhythm for his Lost Lands performance, because some of the tracks he was pulling out of his sleeve sounded unreal. There was a certain time during his set where he played the Bandlez remix of Getter’s tune “Inhalant Abuse” before leading into a disgusting remix of Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble created by non other than a major inspiration for many of us in the Dubstep scene, Skrillex! And of course the crowd got down in ways that were unimaginable whenever Kill The Noise dropped a heavy remix of”VIPs.”

    The careless dance moves came right back as soon Kill the Noise started playing tracks like “M.F.U” and his own remix of Progpaganda.” A guy looked at me right in the eyes and yelled “Stay Busted my dude!” and kept going about his day. Kill the Noise also made sure to give ode to Flux Pavilion by dropping Sullivan King’s remix of “Bass Cannon,” which was actually the first time I had ever heard this rendition played out live. One of the nastiest drops of KTN’s performance was when he dropped his remix of Getter’sRip N’ Dip,” which had the crowd FREAKED. But I lost my head when Kill the Noise ended his set with his very own remix of Zomboy’s Like a Bitch,” it was literally the perfect way to go out. I was beyond ready to experience my second Ephwurd set in this lifetime (and who knows how many I’m boasting in another lifetime). Big ups to you Jacob, for bringing that classic ruthless style while showing off some new dangerous moves that still have my ears ringing to this day.


      *(Read at will – this was written prior to the recent issues that have surfaced the internet).

How excited could a Datsik fan be to finally catch his Bass House music project, EPHWURD at a music festival for the very first time? The energy in the audience was already through the roof before Datsik and his partner Bais Haus hopped up on stage to introduce themselves as our newest act of the evening. Proudly sporting their matching black and white “W” shirts, the two picked up the mic and gave Lost Lands a warm greeting as they geared up for an hour filled with nasty yet eloquent Bass House bangers. It had been well over a year since my first Ephwurd experience, which took place at the infamous Webster Hall venue in New York City. After an eleven hour bus ride and a ten mile walk through the city, I found my way to the top floor of WH surrounded by eager ravers from all corners of the Northeast. While this was a special and unique experience for many reasons, such as sneaking behind the DJ booth for nearly half an hour to take photos and videos, I have to give it to the boys for bringing the absolute loudest bass to Lost Lands.

If there was an award show at the end of the weekend, and Loudest, Heaviest, Noisiest and Cleanest Bass was one of the categories, Ephwurd would have surely taken the win. During that mystical set, I heard an array of random, yet noteworthy bangers, such as Brillz and Trav Piper’s “Alien,” the Carbin remix of Lookas’ single “Can’t Get Enough” and Joyryde’sFuel Tank.” There was also a part of their set where they dropped Valentino Khan’s “Deep Down Low” which went straight into a Blunts & Blondes type beat that completely stole the crowd away. Their insane visuals were pretty much morphs of their logo with practically every fortune 500 company that you can imagine, EphAmazon, EphPaypal, EphMasterCard, EphDuracell. On occasion, a sign would pop up that read Ephwurd morphed into the Pizza Hut logo. The duo finished up their set with their hit single “Vibrations” – I couldn’t think of a moment where Lost Lands didn’t enjoy Ephwurd’s performance.


    What better way to keep the evening going than by experiencing the first official Excision set of the weekend. There were stories going around that he had busted out the old Executioner visual installment for anyone who was smart enough to arrive early on Day Zero. Apparently I had missed immense amounts of glorious, unannounced back to back performances by all sorts of legendary acts. But let me stay on track. It was now finally time to experience my 20th Excision set since 2012 – you can definitely say I was more than just a little excited for the two hour set of madness that was getting ready to take place. The hero of the weekend started off his set with a beautiful introduction composed of the Jurassic Park theme song, and a beautiful visual display of roaming dinosaurs. But soon enough, the massive PK system slowly started blaring random growling sounds and shifting gears that were soon met with a hi-hat and mysterious ring. This ring suddenly lead into a snarling grimey sound, which in the blink of an eye met with that familiar female voice that shouted “aw aw aw aw” before sampling pieces of some of Excision’s most popular singles, like “Mirror,”Throwing Elbows, Neck Brace,” Final Boss,” Bring the Madness,” “X Up,” and “Bring the Madness.” 

Shot by Rukes!

 I vividly remember screaming at the top of my lungs when the drop finally kicked in ;the opening single, known as Vault had us singing lyrics lik “Are You Ready!” “I’m throwin elbows” “You’ll be leavin in a neckbracke”, “I been feelin crazy”, “Move Like Fire” among other infamous lyrics that had me reminiscing on some of my favorite Excision experiences (such as any performance at Moonrise, Charlotte, and that VOODOO 2016 masterpiece). “Vault” quickly morphed into the infamous sounds of Excision Dion Timmer and Messinian’s collab “Hoods Up” – but soon fans were yelling “guess I got my swagga back” as Ex dropped his old school collab with Datsik. I can sit here forever and talk about all the incredible tunes that were included in that life-changing set. There was one part where Rico Act’s voice popped in, as Riot Ten’s tune “Rail Breaker” was met with one of the crunchiest drops that has ever made its way to my ears. To this day I still don’t know the name of this heavy single.

What can I say? Excision literally dropped absolutely every heater that you can imagine. I didn’t expect to hear Ivory’s intense rendition of Crowell and bhit single “Yasuo” with a matching 20 foot tall ninja robot samurai who was swinging dual swords throughout the sky. The visuals were completely out of this world. Massive brains with sharp razor claws, giant acid spitting cyborgs emerging from the deepest parts of the ocean, to a massive purple cave with a soaring death-phoenix, were just a few of the images that soaked into my brain – the visuals were phenomenal from start to finish. If you guys have always wondered who has been in charge of these incredible visuals since nearly the start, show love to the guys and gals at Beama Visual Environments out of Calgary, Canada – these folksare some of the most professional and creative graphic designers in the world and I’m glad I had the pleasure of meeting the lead designer, and big honcho of Beama. Yo Butz, your art has had more of an impact on my life than you can imagine. Thank you for putting the time and effort to making everyone’s Excision experience one that can never be forgotten.

Shot by Rukes.      Have you ever heard the Excision collab with Dion Timmer titled Her“? It’s an absolutely beautiful track that gives you a certain feeling of comfort, warmth, and livelihood in your heart – that is, before the massive drop kicks in. For some reason, I’ve never come across the Wooli remix before; so for Ex to throw in this special rendition of his groundbreaking track and cleanly switch over to the Monxx remix of SQUNTO’s hit single “Sayim” was one of the coolest moments I’ve ever experienced at a concert. There was a part during Ex’s set where he followed up a slower, more intimate portin of his set with beautiful three-peat string of heavy artillery Dubstep music. From “Robo Kitty” to Downlink’sMosh Pit” to “Throwin Elbows.” For all the Bassnectar fans out there, we got to hear the sweet sounds of “Level Up” through that PK rig.

   Excision paid a lot of love to rising artists like IVORY, Stabby and Monxxwhile rinsing classics by favorites like Flux Pavilion, Dillon Francis, and Spag Heddy. We got to hear hits like “The Paradox,Codename X, “Rave Thing” and “X Up,” among heavy hitters by friends like Downlink’sBass War,” Trampa’sRise Up,Xaebor’s Defiant and Svdden Death’sDeceiver.” Folks, the entire performance was filthy and I couldn’t get enough – the tiniest tear drop hit my right eye when another mashup of several of Excision’s famous singles lead right into his huge collaborative tune with Space Laces, Bounce.” It’s a nice feeling hearing twenty something thousand people shout “Make Em Bounce” at the same time. Jeff, we couldn’t have asked for a better set. Thank you for being you, and all that you do for little headbangers like me (and all my real Gs who know how to get down). Now, who here likes Crizzly?

If you want to relive this entire set, you can watch the whole two hour performance by clicking Here.


 The Crunkstep maniac from Texas made a special appearance at this year’s Lost Lands Music Festival – and after that exhilarating Excision performance, I don’t think we could have had a better cool down than a classic Dub-Hop set by Crizzly. Except, instead of a full hour of deep and weird bass like I would have expected, anyone who stuck around the Prehistoric Stage got to witness the Trap & Bass, Hip-Hop Dubbin style that Crizzly has seemingly mastered over the past several years. The last time I saw this man perform was during an incredible back to back performance with DJ Sliink, Snails, Jauz, Getter, Mija, Laxx, ETC! ETC!, among several other top notch producer at a Miami Music Week event hosted by snails in early 2016 – the time before that was at the 2015 Imagine music festival, when Crizzly’s hypeman pulled me on stage to throw a pizza. But this time, it was an entirely different experience. Maybe it’s because Chris had four times the amount of headbangers in the crowd, or because his set included newer heaters like “Last Chance” by Ivory and Monxx, along with his own tunes like “Crunk & Wired” & “Ice on My Grill.” At some point in the night, there were massive pizza inflatables being thrown around throughout the crowd. The award for most twerking Lost Landers in an audience goes to Crizzly! Until next time ya legend.



     The moment that I had long been waiting for only took a few years to finally happen. We’ve all heard the heavy hitters such as “Rocket Fuel”, “Hit Em” and “Black Hole” that have paved way for Trampa to become a Rockstar and most importantly, a highly sought after act to see at Lost Lands. It seemed like a herd of people were following me from the Crizzly set to go check out Trampa at the Cave – for that, I cannot blame them! On the short walk from the main stage, all I could hear around me was people mumbling Trampa’s lyrics,  “It’s that Hardcore heavy Headbang, bang, bang, bang.” Lost Lands was obviously more than ready for the next heavy hitting act of the evening. It didn’t take me long to weasel my way through the massive clutter that formed around the cave, I was light-years beyond ready to catch Trampa in action, I wanted to see if all the hype about his live performances would stand true. They weren’t wrong. Trampa lives up to the theme of his music: heavy, aggressive, and wild – the Peterborough producer does a great job in imaging that grotesquely heavy Never Say Die sound into his performances. I remember him employing a dark shade of red for a part of his performance. while a massive AT-TE from Starwars marched around the visual display, a shapely cyborg would flash around in terror.  I was thrilled to hear such heavy artists like Phiso, Krimer, and Badklaat mixed in to Trampa’s set, you could tell that the crowd was loving every bit of it, especially when he took it from “Die” to the “Snake Bite VIP” in the flash of an eye.I was extremely grateful to finally hear tunes like “Rocket Fuel” and “Runners” in a live setting. Trampa, you exceeded my expectations by a long shot!

Photo found on Trampa’s facebook.


     While I have the ultimate amount of respect for John 12th Planet, but to be blunt, he was a little bit drunk for his performance, and while it was seemingly noticeable, the LA badmon still managed to pull off a great set. But the man is an absolute animal whenever he’s 100% on his game, maybe, like five or six less shots my guy! I thought it was pretty funny how 12th yelled “now somebody drop some acid” before smashing play on his tune “Let Us Prey”. But I would definitely like to point out that 12th played several of his new tracks such as the PhaseOne and Barely Alive collab “Send It” along with “Sooo Sick,” and other fan favorites such as “Reasons”, “Gully Squad.” Experiencing these drops from 12th himself was actually pretty liberating after a long day of other people playing 12th Planets tunes. Fans also got to hear other 12th tracks like “Big Riddim Mariachi” and “Dead Presidents” on top of bangers from artists like Benzmixer and MurDa for tracks like “R28D” and “Ball Licker.” There came a moment where the entire audience was yelling “Burst, burst, burst, swag” and I immediately thought of my little brother who introduced me to this tune. I also really enjoyed hearing tunes like “Party in the Sewer” and “Creepers”  get played out. Not only is 12th Planet a twonky, legendary performer, and one of the most talented producers in the game, he’s also a great guy! And I’m glad we had the opportunity to meet in Charlotte and finally put a name to a face. Thanks for the heavy, heavy, HEAVY dubs John!

I can easily say that Lost Lands Day One was a more than a success. After experiencing so much great music and twisted jokes from the DMV crew, while exploring such a beautiful display of prehistoric mother nature, I couldn’t imagine what Day Two would bring in store.

Photo Shot by Rukes


     One of the first things that I noticed on Saturday was the fact that none of my guy friends hadn’t spoken a word to the five gorgeous Lost Landers camping directly next to them. After smashing down a sizable amount of beers (it was only four, don’t let me fool you) and hitting each other with an unimaginable amount of terrible jokes, I walked over to the tent next door with a plate full of chicken wings and kindly said hello to our bass kitty neighbors. Ari and Ani were waiting for the rest of the chicas to bring food and were nearly starving to death by the time I met them. A quick clarification: I can’t take full credit for the chicken wings. Mark Rod was definitely the one who cooked them, but without my transportation from North Carolina, or highly proficient seasoning skills, this improptu Saturday afternoon Lost Lands Wild Wings sesh wouldn’t have happened.

    Many of my friends were already inside watching Monxx, as were the other three mysterious members of the Wisconsin Bass tribe. By the time all the food was gone, all the early birds had made their way back to the campsite to freshen up for the impending JPhelpz set. That’s when I was introduced to Marina, Amanda, and Naomi, three incredible, kindred, good looking spirits from all corners of Wisconsin who ended up by my side for practically all of Saturday. I know the saying goes “Saturday is for the boys,” but I was in Bass babe paradise, and couldn’t help myself from getting to know my new Wisco Wives (we got Married at Lost Lands) at the perfect music festival – the homies understood. Kind of. Now lets talk about how filthy that JPhelpz early afternoon set was.


    JPhelpz is one of the most prominent cyborgs to emerge out of the gutters of St. Louis in the 90s. Through rigorous training, JPhelpz learned how to channel his desire to destroy all humans through destructive, aggressive, computerized sounds. If I had to describe my first JPhelpz experience with five simple words, I wouldn’t be doing the man a lick of justice. I’ll never forget the day I first discovered the Biggup King a few years back – I have to thank a filthy song called “Shadow Sword” that had just been released through Firepower Records. Never forget the Mech Bounce EP folks. My friends and I weren’t even 300 feet away from the hill descending into the Prehistoric Stage before we heard the grungy Mach 7 speed Lamborghini screeches that “Double 0 7” has to offer. I vividly remembered seeing a big body waving his hand in the air as he sported a massive black and yellow hockey jersey that read Biggup King on the back. I couldn’t believe I was finally hearing tracks like “LEVELED,”  “Stiff Face and Gaslk.” I’m sure I’m not the only person who gets in tune with their inner Sector 9, cyborg selves whenever listening to JPhelpz. You wouldn’t imagine all the dance moves that I witnessed throughout that filthy performance. Props to JPhelpz for throwing in disgusting tracks by artists like Somnium Sound, Xaebor and Trampa; he should also win an award for throwing in “Battle Station” by the UK intergalactic villains known as Da ForceThe madman of the hour ended his set with his remix of Datsik’s infamous tune “Scum.” Lost Lands might need to give out neckbraces if they bring back JPhelpz next year.

Kai Wachi

   I was extremely glad to see that the Idaho bass killer known as Kai Wachi was on the line up for the debut edition of Lost Lands. The only time I had ever seen him slay a live performance was at this intimate show with Black Tiger Sex Machine in Carrboro, NC, but now it was time to watch him with thousands of bass brothers and sisters and hundreds of thousands of body rattling watts of BASS. Fans in different parts of the crowd had their Kannibalen Records and Kai Wachi flags floating throughout the air in praise of the DJ of the hour. I can’t quite pick out the name of the song, but Kai Wachi threw in a hybrid trap heater that sampled the news report of the creepy clowns that were popping up in random spots of North Carolina. This was the first time I had heard the words North Carolina in a Bass song, so I got a little excited when the drop finally kicked in. If Kai Wachi wasn’t playing strange music by the mysterious Moody Good, or the aggressive style of Atlanta’s Trollphace, he was dropping some of his personal heaters like “Vision,” “RI$E” and “Damage.” Thanks to the good folks at Lost Lands, we now have full video of Kai Wachi’s performance for all of us to reliveThis set is definitely worth the listen if you didn’t happen to catch it at Lost Lands. Thank you Kai!!!!


     It was now time to venture over to our other home, the infamous Cave of Souls, so that I could catch one of my top acts of the weekend. There was absolutely no way that any force in the world could pull me away from the Cave, as thousands of fans prepared themselves for the madness that was set to take place once Krimer would hit the stage. Some could even say that Krime Time was among us. The first time I had the pleasure of watching this Montreal powerhouse hit the 1s and 2s was at Dreamscape Music Festival – but I was excited to see Krimer bring that same high intensity to the sacred grounds of Lost Lands. History was made once the man of the hour kicked off his set with his hit single “Knockout.” It wasn’t long before my friends and I were throwing elbows to some of this burst of energy’s top productions such as Die,”Rinse Out” and “Blow Up.” I don’t think I saw a single person sitting down during this badmon’s performance. Maybe the Excision crew could set up a stand with custom neck braces for each artist, because I sure needed one after Krimer’s destructive set. Check out this short clip we found by Rave 2 Rave to reminisce that fateful evening. Thanks once again for the insane memories Simon!


KJ Sawka

    We stuck around the Cave of Souls to catch a little bit of speedy dance action by non other than the legendary Bass music drummer KJ Sawka. It wasn’t too difficult to weave our way through the crowd since it was still relatively early in the day. There was such a nice crowd raging in all corners of the cave for the KJ Sawka Lost Lands debut. The drummer from Destroid and Pendulum has a knack for keeping his sets really fluid and clean cut. While I’m not a huge fan of Rae Sremmurd, I really liked the KJ Sawka live rendition of their hit “Black Beetles.” But what I really enjoyed was the brief moment when KJ shouted “Lost Lands who’s ready for the dinosaurs?!” as that short bit of dialogue at the start of Habstrak & Megalodon’sYabba Dabs” begins blaring through the speakers. KJ Sawka brought it back a few years once again by throwing in Laxx and Skism’s infamous collab Hostile.”  What I really enjoyed about the Seattle drummer’s performances are that he always keeps them varied by throwing in a some Trap bangers, HipHop classics, Electro thrillers, Bass House bounce inducers and of course some good ol’ Dubstep. Thanks for giving me the dance bug KJ! Now it was time to patiently await until the maniac’s next performance, as he takes his drums to the Prehistoric Stage to rock out in his three piece band with Excision and Downlink… Destroid!

Photo Shot by Rukes

Spag Heddy

     It comes with great pleasure that I was finally able to catch the Firepower Records all star, Spag Heddy, for the very first time. After having missed him at Imagine, because I chose to stick around the pirate ship and support my East Cost compadre RivenI couldn’t contain any sane portion of my being when I finally managed to get in front of the massive visual production and see his name clean across the screen. Some of my buddies told me that he kicked off his set with the VIP to Samir, I could only imagine what went on shortly after – note: these buddies also told me that “Oh My!” and “Back Off” sounded amazing. However, I did manage to catch a few heavy hitters such as “Rum Daddy” and a new unreleased tune with Krimer titled “Got Dam”, not to mention that EH!DE collab “Cloudlet.” Thanks to the Lost Lands crew, you can now watch Spag Heddy’s set from start to finish. We all deserve to be a part of the action don’t we? I can’t wait for my next Spag Heddy experience! Hopefully it will be much longer, and just as filthy! Thank you Mischa, you did a fantastic job brother!


   If you only knew how excited I was to finally catch the Circus Records masked Bass killa, mister Funtcase, destroy his first Lost Lands performance (because how can you not bring back this madman for Year Two, amirite?) I patiently waited for the crowd to settle in after that massive Spag Heddy performance, and everywhere I looked, I could see ravers proudly sporting their DPMO shirts and Circus Records gear, the good people were truly excited for Funtcase, and for a good reason too. While I have completely gotten over hearing Funty start off his set with a double drop of Cookie Monsta’sBeast Mode” and his remix of DeadExit’s “Snake”, because it seems like he’s been doing this for almost two years now, it doesn’t take Funtcase long to move past this jungle like theme and get straight into the gun firing, finger blazing headbanging madness. His set contained filthy tunes from some of the top Riddim artists in the industry, such as Ganon, Crowell, Svdden Death and Bloodthinnerz. I couldn’t hold on to my pen and notebook let alone my life for nearly any bit of Lord Funty’s set – it was one of the most dastardly compilations of music I had heard all weekend. This set wouldn’t have been the same without hearing his own heavy hitters like “Borg” or “4 Barz of Fury” and I’m certainly glad I got to hear them live. Not to mention the moment I completely lost myself to Coffi’s “Power Moves”. James, I want to thank you once again for this massive performance.

Cookie Monsta

 I was very thankful for the Lost Lands crew for allowing Funtcase to have his very own set, because there’s nothing more fun than getting an additional sixty minutes of Circus Records action as the super villain known as Cookie Monsta would soon enough hit the Prehistoric Stage to give his fans the experience of a lifetime – it was now time for all of us to meet our impending doom, since Funtcase graciously left us standing, barely. The entirety of this madman’s performance was like something out of a Horror movie. Many of the same visuals that haunted us at his his Charlotte performance of the Paradox Tour, such as the flying evil clowns, and random shades of red as hell like settings took over the massive visual set up that Lost Lands featured at the Prehistoric stage, but in a much more intense setting. Cookie Monsta is always a must see act on any lineup – even if there is a massive schedule conflict, you will never catch me missing a set by this old school super producer. Cookie Monsta showed no fear in creating a dangerously enticing environment to party and headbang – nearly everyone in the audience was jamming out to the many heavy tunes by artists like Trampa, Mastadon, and Badklaat that were thrown into the main man’s set. The one’s who weren’t raging were on the ground taking a nap, probably because the fatigue from that Funtcase performance and just fifteen minutes of Cookie Monsta finally caught up to them. I really hope that Cookie Monsta returns to Lost Lands next year! I have a good feeling that he’ll be a part of the festivities once again (Edit: Cookie Monsta came back to Lost Lands, went back to back with Funtcase, and absolutely destroyed Ohio).



I never thought that I was literally going to be initiated into Vomit Squad on that fateful Saturday night. But as the evening grew darker, my stomach grew heavier. I couldn’t tell you how quickly I went from headbanging to puking – I didn’t even feel it coming at all! But as Montreal’s very own Snails rocked out on stage, I couldn’t help myself but throw up everything that had gone down my stomach that day, which truly wasn’t much. I literally felt like the Bass wobble snail monster that was covering the visual projectors on the Prehistoric Stage, but I couldn’t really find any room to complain. I was among friends, in a brand new party destination, witnessing a fantastic producer throw down his best tunes. Fans got to hear all the of the Snail’s bangers that night – the black and yellow haired mad man threw in heaters like “Slugz”,Break It Down”, and “King Is Back“. This man will turn any gathering into a party, anywhere he goes! Look at Snails trying to walk through the crowd earlier, he couldn’t go five seconds without someone asking him for a selfie.

Needless to say, Snails went beyond the point of no return – he turned the entire patch of land in front of him into a Slug filled paradise! Big ups to Fred for great performance!


    If you would have told me that I would be catching a Destroid set in 2017, I would have called you an absolute liar. Not because I don’t like to believe good wishes such as a rekindling performance by the super Dubstep band composed of Excision, Downlink, and KJ Sawkwa, but because I never thought they would all get together again to bring forth their massive projects from 2013 and ’14. The Wisco wives and I were beyond ready to catch this extremely rare Destroid set that thousands of fans were on the verge of witnessing. The three musicians hopped out on stage sporting their unique robotic attire, which honestly looked like something one would expect to see in a sci-fi film set fifty years in the future. But let the records show that Destroid were the ones to make intergalactic space suits cool. Herds of headbangers were flocking towards the Prehistoric Stage as KJ Sawka began drumming away to the beat of Excision and Downlink’s hit collab “Crowd Control.” And in the blink of an eye, as Messinian made his way to the stage, the infamous lyrics “Don’t F*ck around” blared through the PK soundrig triggering everyone in the audience to go absolutely insane. Believe me when I say that the select group of rage monsters who were able to experience this set could never feel the same. Finally, we were able to hear tracks like “Wasteland”, “Crusaders” and “Bounce”, among other tracks off the Invasion project. But I feel like the most memorable part of this entire performance was when Destroid’s intense and heavy performance caused one of the volcanoes on stage to catch on fire. I will never forget those few minutes of chaos where headbangers were instructed to take “baby steps” backwards to get away from the rail – this obviously made for such a good story that Lost Landers were making dinosaur pins with the phrase attached. The Lost Lands crew was partying just as hard as we were, maybe that’s why we only have a short clip to show off the heaviness that could be felt during their performance instead of a full recap video. But trust me, the next minute and forty five seconds will bring you right back to the Prehistoric Stage (mentally that is). So enjoy!


Zeds Dead

   I have a massive love-hate relationship for this particular Zeds Dead performance. I’m not saying that DC and Hooks didn’t absolutely obliterate their Lost Lands set from start to finish, but I really wanted to see the Frim for the very first time. And I can sadly say that on this occasion, I chose women over music. I was having so much fun raging with Ani and Ari that it almost felt like a crime leaving them for The Frim. But once I was done sweating my heart out to the Toronto duo, I realized that I should have been arrested on site for that extremely rare Cave of Souls performance. But to be completely blatant with you, even though I had just experienced the Toronto boys at the recent Lollapalooza festival, they outdid themselves by ten thousand at Lost Lands, and I can truly appreciate the smiles that they put on the faces of my friends as well as the thousands of people around us. Zeds Dead performed some major hits such as “Bassmentality“Rudeboy”, and Collapse which really put the crowd in a flurry of emotions. There were times where we could rage and headbang, times where we could just stop and sing to the stars, and times when we could just throw down our weird dance moves. I’m very grateful for getting to see this great set with such amazing new friends, thanks for the memories DC and Hooks!


I love the fact that Excision brought an old school feeling to Lost Lands by bringing along many classic acts that so many of us headbangers recognize from the first days we started listening to Bass music. One of these infamous producers includes the likes of Destroid bandmate, Downlink, a heavy set legend that has been destroying the Bass music scene for over a decade now. I’ll never forget meeting the Kelowna native in 2015 whenever he blessed the Chop Shop in Charlotte with a gruesome, head throbbing performance that really got me hooked on the Bass music scene in the Queen City. I still have my signed shirt sitting in my drawer, even though it doesn’t fit me very well. Downlink was already pumped from his previous performance with Destroid, but it didn’t hold him back from giving it his absolute all when it was his time to shine solo. Downlink managed to sneak in a lot of intense tunes like “Tex Mex” by Al Ross and HE$H, “Back” by Wooli, and “Jessamine” by Samplifire. We even got to hear a few special Downlink originals like his crazy Excision collab “Headbanga”, the tune responsible for the nickname of anyone who likes to thrash their head in a frivolous motion to the sounds of Dubstep music, as well as “Rekt” and “Louder” which got the crowd jumping all over Legend Valley. At least I got to hear a little bit of The Frim at Downlink’s set, as he dropped one of his biggest singles “Swipe My Swords.” I’m proud to say that Downlink showed so much love to the rising producers who make this scene progress on a daily basis, while also showcasing some of the tunes that got this whole scene to where it is today.


If I had to choose one artist for absolute best visuals of the weekend, I would have to pick the California OG known as Protohype. After a really long day of running from one stage to the other, I couldn’t help but feel like I was going a little delusional with all this constant movement – so excuse me if I say that Protohype’s visuals topped anybody else. Maybe I’m a bit biased when I say that the forty foot tall display of Snoop Dogg, throwing down some gangsta dance moves on top of a colorful neon background, filled with pot leaves, while a shark is panning in and out of the screen in an attempt to take a bite of Snoop , was one of the funniest things that I have ever witnessed.Not to mention the giant swirly eyed black lab puppy that covered that entire projector from top to bottom. Not to mention the lazers being shot out of this puppy’s eyes. Protohype also had the funny corgi meme dog floating around his screen, as well as a trippy kitty wearing 3D glasses that also shot lazers. I was in complete shock. I still talk about these visuals to this day because of how entertaining I found them! I’m glad to say that Max Hype took the meaning of his “Puppy Crew” supporters to a whole new level. I completely lost myself when I finally heard the lyrics “Chevy buckle, every bubble top fold back like Knuckles” before the familiar tire screech hit me in the ear as the nasty bass drop kicked in – Protohype’s “Knuckles” is one of the filthiest songs ever made. Big ups to Protohype for dropping filthy tracks by JPhelpz, Minesweepa, and Soltan – your set will go down in the Dubstep history books!

Space Laces

You can ask a thousand people, and they will all tell you the same thing: ending Saturday Night with a Space Laces performance was one of the best things that could have ever happened at Lost Lands. I don’t think many people have had the opportunity to catch Space Laces live – I feel like I rarely see his name on a festival lineup or tour poster – that being said, I had no idea what kind of live performance I should expect from this mad man.

    Leave it to the Lost Lands Planning Committee to save one of the baddest producers to hit the face of the Earth. The dastardly producer known as Space Laces is certainly not from this universe – because the energy and versatility that I witnessed from that being throwing down Bass filled bangers on the Prehistoric stage at the end of night two was something completely alien. I’ll never forget the time I drove all the way to Philadelphia for a massive pirate themed Bass music event, where, through a series of unfortunate events I ended up missing Space Laces performance. But you know what they say, good things come to those who wait! I think it’s  safe to say that we all got an extremely memorable set from the maestro on that chilling Saturday night. To this day, I still have the shining image of the massive neon red visuals that read out Space Laces, as the man of the hour threw down his heavy hitter anthem “Bug Bass”. It’s always a good time when you look over at your buddies to talk about the bass, and you catch them aimlessly staring forward, in complete awe of the madness taking place on the stage in front of you. Space Laces had us dancing, kicking and shouting hysterically – which, to be fair, is completely expected of any human whenever listening to tracks like his Excision collab “1 On 1“, his special tune with Snails and Sam King “Break It Down” or even his infamous banger “Digital Gangsta”. I know I speak for a lot of headbangers when I say that Day 2 couldn’t have had a better closing artist than Space Laces. Thank you for the good vibes brother Ian!

Just like that, another day of raging, crafting memories and friendships, and intense extraterrestrial dance moves, was finally achieved. If my heart wasn’t already full with joy, I couldn’t imagine how happy I would be on Sunday!


By this point I was starting to become a little delirious in the head due to the tremendous lack of sleep that had been accumulated over the course of the weekend. I began to reflect on all the new experiences that I had soaked in since leaving my little apartment in Charlotte – it was practically impossible to wipe this smile off my face as I walked around my camp site and started nibbling on something crunchy to give me some energy. But no matter how hungry and tired you are folks, it doesn’t merit missing a Yheti set! And now that I can say I became buddies with RSK at this tiny festival in West Virginia called CLUSTXR Music Festival, I really regret not seeing him perform at Lost Lands. Be it as it may, the Sunday lineup was completely stacked with heavy hitters like Dion Timmer, Phase One, Barely Alive and Virtual Riot, among many more wickedly talented producers – and the new friends that I met on this beautiful final day of Lost Lands have played a big part in my life since then moment we hugged. Shall we? But first, here’s a beautiful photo of my Lost Lands family and neighbors 🙂

Excision Detox Set

I was finally inside the festival grounds – the final day of festivities was upon us, and I had slight mixed feelings. Not for anything serious. I just really didn’t want the magic to end, and thankfully, Excision made sure to make this afternoon as memorable as possible. I walked into one of the biggest crowds I’ve ever seen at a festival so early in the day. What? 4 o’clock isn’t early for you? When you get three hours of sleep over the course of a festival weekend, every minute of the final day feels exhausting! But I wasn’t going to let a little bit of fatigue hold me back from enjoying Excision’s special Detox Set. The Wisco biscuits and I couldn’t get over the fact that Ex was putting in a set composed with all the old school bangers that we grew up on. I was proud to hear some of my favorite tunes such as “Swagga”, “Execute” and “X Rated”. I couldn’t help but think back on my old high school days where I would aimlessly stare at my TV as I played Modern Warfare 2 with my homies while jamming out to classics such as these. Let alone experiment my first Excision show when I was 17, where the OG played his tunes in style, in the chambers of the Executioner! As I looked all around the crowd, I noticed similar smiles and looks of nostalgia on almost every face around me. I’ll never forget the moment that Excision played this grimey, wonky remix of Tyler The Creator’s hit single “Yonkers”, on top of all the other Deep Dub filth that he unexpectedly play. Or like the time he transitioned from Darude “Sanstorm” to something grotesque by Monxx. There’s nothing like an Excision Detox Set.

Dion Timmer

   Would you believe me if I told you that a young man from the Netherlands named Dion Timmer made the funniest comment at Lost Lands? As he hopped up on stage to get his music ready for the hungry crowd, Dion picked up the microphone and in the calmest voice possible he said “Yo shout out to Excision for opening up for me!” I remember dying hysterically with the rest of the crowd whenever I heard this – but I can only imagine how Jeff reacted whenever it hit his ears! Dion didn’t hold back for a second! He quickly kicked off his set with one of his most popular singles “Tell You Why – those high pitch vocals indicated that something heavy was getting ready to take place on stage. Dion Timmer knew exactly what kind of tunes the crowd wanted to hear, because from start to finish all we got was bangers. The amount of growth that Dion has undergone as an artist since his North Carolina debut is tremendous – he always packs as much energy into his set as possible, and you can tell he loves every minute of mixing music for his supporters. People from all over the world got blessed with bangers like “Berzerk”, “Again & Again”, “Lost” and “Final Boss”. But my favorite tunes of Dion’s set had to be when he performed “Panic” and “Shiawase”! These creations sounded next level on the Prehistoric Stage’s sound system! I want to thank Dion Timmer for such a fun, heavy, and memorable performance. Never stop making music brother.


I was in complete shock when I got on YouTube to look up videos of the extremely rare Phiso performance that took place at the inaugural Lost Lands Music Festival, and found an assortment of shirtless headbangers punching and shoving each other whenever the Wastelander would bring in a really heavy drop. As many of you know, Phiso is the creator of the infamous “Jotaro” Dubstep banger that took over the internet the second it released in 2016, so you can imagine what the crowd reaction was like once he played it live, it was an absolute Dubstep massacre! For many of us, or was our first Phiso experience, mainly because the guy rarely plays any shows! He’s too destructive for your average venue (hehe). Phiso managed to squeeze in several of his heavy hitters such as “Perish Song”, “Sheer Cold”, “Wasteland”, and “Malevolant”. I’m extremely grateful that I was able to witness such a beautiful case of decimation, destruction and Dubstep terror.


I’m very glad that Excision showed so much love to the Disciple/Firepower family, otherwise we wouldn’t have had acts like PhaseOne rolling around Lost Lands beyond ready to smash a performance for his true fans. I was beyond stoked to finally catch the Australian badmon perform live, and I don’t think I could have chosen a better setting like the Cave of Souls. While PhaseOne was set to come to Greensboro just a few months after Lost Lands, I couldn’t help myself from trying to catch this heavy hitter drop singles like “Welcome to Mayhem” and “Revive”. One special memory made this PhaseOne sets one of the most unforgettable experiences that any young man can have at a Dubstep rager. I was jotting down some notes in my handy dandy Lost Lands journal when all the sudden a cute redhead bumped into me, which got our backpacks tangled up – naturally I got distracted by her beauty and completely forgot the name of the Riddim tune that I was writing down. I used this little encounter as an excuse to start talking to this Marena from Missouri. While she wasn’t able to make it to year two of Lost Lands, she has become a huge part of my life in more ways than I would have ever imagined – and I have to thank PhaseOne for that! His set was the perfect dose of heaviness that I was searching for that amazing Sunday. Thank you for the unforgettable experience brother Graham!

Barely Alive and Virtual Riot

  To put it plain and simple, the Disciple Records OGs, Barely Alive from Los Angeles and Virtual Riot from Mannheim, had one of the best sets of the weekend. There’s nothing like a back to back performance from these heavy hitting Bass producers to make one’s day a whole lot more entertaining. It had been just a few weeks since I witnessed my first b2b performance from these wild boys, where they massacred a small crowd of headbangers in the heart of West Virginia. But now these two Bass marauders were performing in front of a crowd of over fifteen thousand rage monsters who were yelling and screaming in joy when Barely Alive dropped tunes like “Hackers”, “Poison Dart” and “CA$H”. But can you imagine their reaction whenever Virtual Riot stepped in to mix in some of his infamous tunes? I was morbidly pleased whenever I heard the German Engineer throw down massive tracks such as “Dragons” and “Nasty”. The energy in the Cave of Souls was beyond special, consistently shifting as the producers of the hour bounce around different crowd favorites. I definitely recommend catching a Barely Alive or Virtual Riot set whenever the opportunity arises! View the full set below!

Ganja White Night

I thinks it’s safe to say that a lot of us had absolutely no idea that the special guest at Lost Lands would end up being the Belgian super duo who flew to outer space to find new layers of Bass, the Brussels heroes, who ain’t got nothin’ to fear yo! The one and only, Ganja White Night. What I always love about their sets are the intensely detailed visuals that their artist friend Ebo has crafted for them. There would be no “Wobble Master” without Ebo – but without the lively nature and insanely creative style of Erwan and Ben, there would be no Ganja White Night. I’ll never forget my first time witnessing the intense yet rhythmic flow that Ganja White Night loves to show off; in 2016, the Visulite Theater in Charlotte, North Carolina made absolute history whenever they allowed these heavy hitters in their building. I have been hooked ever since!

While I was heavily shocked that Ganja White Night was the special guest of the weekend, I was extremely proud that so many people were hoping that their wishes would come true, because in all honesty, I really liked the idea of Lost Lands getting a little extra wobbly. Fans were screaming and shouting whenever the two rockstars hopped on stage to greet the raging crowd of excited Lost Landers. This performance showcased some of Ganja White Night’s most intricate, and exciting tracks such “Ferity”, “Wobble Master”,Propaganda” and a lot of new unreleased tracks that will surface the internet once their new projects drops. I really enjoyed watching the unique visuals float around the Cave of Souls projector – one minute we’re being led through a mystical forest where unknown tales of a special green fortune await. The next, we’re now sitting in a laboratory where a crown of the GWN brain plants are slowly rotating in front us, as if they were trying to hypnotize the entire audience. I think it is more than fair to say that Lost Lands made the right choice in booking Ganja White Night for their inaugural festival – this performance truly got me hype to catch them at SNOWTA on New Years. Erwan, Ben, Ebo, thank you for the amazing experience.

MONDAY – The Journey Is Over

Before we close out with the final story of this short novel of my experience at Lost Lands, I want to take the time to thank all the departments that went into making this festival an amazing experience for my friends, family and thousands of other music lovers who made the this special journey as well. A big thank you to the volunteers, the staff, the team that set up the stages, dinosaurs, and decor, the owners of Legend Valley, the food vendors and clean up crew, the dedicated artists who showed off their craft in vendor row, every performer who poured their heart and soul into their set, the folks working the visuals, sound and lighting, PK for providing such an amazing speaker system, and most importantly, I want to thank Jeff Excision Abel for making his dream a reality. You have impacted our lives in more ways than you can imagine, and for that I want to to truly thank you brother.

I was slightly upset that this beautiful festival was finally reaching its end. As my DMV brothers and sisters packed up their tents, I couldn’t help but think to myself that thousands and thousands of people just got blessed with one of the most unique experiences of all times. To be brought back to the older, primitive days where dinosaurs ruled the land, mixed in with a little bit of Dubstep and a lot of friendship, I don’t think that anyone could have asked for a better way to kick off the Fall season. My final friend of the weekend was an awesome chick from Louisiana named Kaylee. She was a little upset because she had a big falling out with the people she rode up with, and was getting ready to pay an unreasonable amount of money to get taken to the airport. So I did what any honest headbanger would do, I took her to Columbus myself! We ended up stopping by some burger joint downtown to grab a bite to eat before parting ways – and believe it or not, our bartender Mike had literally just opened the restaurant after experiencing his own insane Lost Lands journey. How about that? Our bartender was a fellow Lost Lander – we almost got turned away from the host because they weren’t quite open yet. But Mike saw our dusty hair and heady get ups, and immediately new what hole in Ohio we had just crawled out of. It was a nice meal, I absolutely love meeting new people who share similar interests! Right before we left, I asked our FINAL friend of this unreal, legendary weekend, “Who was your favorite act of the weekend” and he looked at me and said “Brother that’s easy, our space mom, REZZ. I flashed a smile, Kay and I said our goodbyes, and thanked him for the great final Lost Lands meal of the year. I couldn’t be happier with how my Year One Lost Lands experience unfolded, and I certainly couldn’t have had this much fun without my friends. Now, what kind of madness will take place at Year Two? Only time will tell!

If you made it all the way to the bottom of this short novel, I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to check out my writing. I love supporting my favorite artists, my friends, and the underground movement that keeps this scene intriguing, mysterious, and powerful. Until next year folks! (PS. If you still haven’t cut off your year one wristband, you’re the real MVP). By the way, a big final shout out to all the new friends I made that weekend: Paul, Hailee, Brian, Kim, Cole, Klay, Jacob, Ani, Ari, Marina, Amanda, Naomi, Pat, Cliff, Clay, Lexie, Sebastian, Zach from Jersey, Marena the Mystical Dragon, and all the beautiful other friends that I met but didn’t exchange contact with. Also, it was nice seeing some Charlotte homies like Sarah, Patrick, and Jeremy. Ain’t no party unless Carolina is in the house!

The Charlotte Sessions Loves You <3

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Lost Lands Till I RIP

– Zyven

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