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The WTF’s That Virtual Massive Recap You’ve Been Waiting For!

It takes a very special group of people to put together an online music festival type of experience for the countless House, Dubstep, and Riddim lovers out there missing their favorite weekend past time. We all have our own personal reasons for attending concerts – whether it’s for pure fun, or a simple release after working so hard throughout the week, or even just a reason to dance with your friends, we’ve all got our motives. So when my buddy Sammy from Pittsburgh told me about the WTF’s That Virtual Massive experience that he was curating with his partner David, I knew that it would provide a nice string of nights of sounds for those folks who are truly missing the dance floor. But most importantly, the Riddim kids were in store for a unique evening of chops and 70/140 bpm bops. With artists like Duck Beats, FELONY, Bryzergold, Evoid, THRAX and NUGG to keep us entertained for an evening, the only right move was to tune in to the madness.


A few months ago I was supposed to host an unforgettable Riddim experience with a few friends down in the Tampa Bay area. But the universe had other plans for us. We had a really insane back to back set with four very talented members of the Sweeties crew planned out for everyone to enjoy. But out of the bad comes some good, I’m very grateful to see that Nugg was given another shot to shine and show off those filthy drops he’s been cooking up. The second I heard him kick off his set with the timeless Divis banger better known as “Louis Backpack“, I knew that we were in store for a treat. NUGG made sure to throw in several nasty doubles, including something with LV’s – “Ionic” that I couldn’t quite understand. But it had me spazzing out like a goon so NUGG knew exactly what he was doing. See if you can spot it! We also got to hear a lot of wild sounds by soundboys such as Aweminus, Renzo, and Stardie. NUGG, it was nice meeting you at Forbidden Kingdo, and it was even better getting to see you do your thing on the Virtual Massive. Best of luck, I’ll see you soon! (Click HERE to watch the NUGG Performance!)

Photo found on Nugg’s Facebook page.


When I first got to know Sammy P from the Lost Society Talent Agency, he told me all about this dope producer from the Pittsburgh area who goes by the name of THRAX. I looked at Sammy and said, “Oh I know Thrax, he makes music with Felony and has this tune called Patty Whack that I f*ck with.” While my knowledge on the Pittsburgh producer isn’t very extensive, I’m certainly glad I had the opportunity to watch him mix that evening. THRAX has the sort of flow that will make a room full of regular looking folks turn into absolute robotic, whacked up, skanked out, Riddim machines. I was really proud to hear so many awesome tunes by artists like Poklypz, Mohno, Felony, and Subfiltronik. THRAX only had one mission in mind during that Virtual Massive performance, and it was to impress. Great job on keeping things saucey!


Up next was a truly special surprise for the evening. While I still haven’t had the opportunity to see the California madman better known as DUCK BEATS, live in action, this online stream was more than enough to appease me – for now. If you’ve never had the chance to get down and dirty to some DUCK BEATS magic, then I suggest you give tunes like “Lazer Drip” and “King Shit“, then you should definitely smash those play buttons. I think my favorite quote of the night (actually tied with something Felony said), was “put them duck emojis in the comments.” It just boggles me how someone like Samuel Maldonado turned the quack loving creature into such an icon. But anyone who loves animals is cool with me. While his music is insane, his mixing is just as quacky. If you want to hear some interesting West Coast chops and intricate doubles, then DUCK BEATS has got everything you need right here. Much love to Sam for dropping such a fire tune on Charlotte Sessions Audio earlier this summer. Check out “Robotic Connection” on the Seven Riddim Robots!


A few years ago I came across an artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina who’s name reminded me of a uncontrollable disease, an unknown extraterrestrial and a class of evil robots all at once. His sounds are quite infectious because they have the ability to make anyone who listens bounce around like a freak on Halloween night. A few years ago I wrote a story about his tune “Gang,” that I discovered during a live stream feedback sesh with Benzmixer, Rilla and a few other West Coast based producers. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for this man to start performing. This man had so many IDs for the evening. His production style cannot be matched. (Check out “Legion VIP” and “Snake” to get an idea of the madness). I really enjoyed the Calcium remix of 50 Carrot that EVOID slid in there. That was one of my favorite drops of the evening. There was another wild tune that he played that really caught my attention – it had some lyrics like “No matter how hard you try… you can’t run away.” I don’t have the ID but whatever remix EVOID played really slapped me around. I wish I had the footage so I could show you all what kind of crazy things this man did that evening – but I don’t think this is the last time we will be catching EVOID throw down.

Found on Evoid’s Facebook Page, shot by @LaubaCanal


If there is one person that I love just as much as Mohno, the Pennsylvannia Riddim queen, it’s the Louisville craft beer loving, wompy synth creating, bird mongering producer better known as Felony Dubs. My brother and I nearly died when Felony turned down the volume, picked up the mic and said “Yo it’s almost the end of my set, I need some more benis in the comments.” Zarek immediately paused our Ness vs. Simon Super Smash bros smack-down, and within seconds he was profusely typing in the letters b e n i s to play along with Felony’s fun loving, sometimes childish, meme friendly personality. Listeners were lucky enough to hear all the crazy sounds that Felony has crafted such as “Rare” and “Dark Link VIP.” I love the way he performs. I’m beyond happy that I was able to bring him down to Charlotte and Savannah for two incredibly insane sold out bangers. There is no doubt in the world that Felony Dubs will always be one of my favorite humans and producers of all time. He’s real. But most importantly he is not afraid to tell the word that “Birds aren’t real.” They can’t be. (Click Here to Watch the Felony Dubs performance!)

Photo shot by Busha Photography, found on The Charlotte Sessions Facebook.


I wish I had the video to show you, but out of everybody who performed that evening, Bryzergold had the dopest set up for his live stream set. It was colorful, you could see his whole body rather than just his hands, and it was energetic. While I fell asleep while watching the Florida soundbender throw in his slew of doubles and weird drops for the crowd to enjoy, I was blessed to catch Bryzergold play a silent disco set side by side with the St. Peterburg savage known as STAYNS. I hope to see you play out some of your tunes like “JUST4FUNZ” and “BATZZ (With Draco)” again one day!

I want to give a special shout out to some other Riddim G’s who were in the group keeping the chat alive: Kinetic, Delcherro, and GramGreene, this scene wouldn’t be where its at without you guys! Also, much love to whoever was controlling the visuals throughout the evening. I saw a lot of cool images like a morbidly demented Spongebob, some old school Mortal Kombat matches and all sorts of weird ideas popping all over the place. Thanks again Sammy and David for curating such a fun experience for everyone to enjoy. Many blessings my friends!

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