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This Brand New 3K EP from STOKES Might Melt Your Left Brain

    I’m not quite sure how I keep discovering such fantastic Dubstep music, but lately I’ve been having a lot of luck finding some of the swampiest, grimiest, filthiest tunes I’ve heard in a very long time. I feel like there are several aliens walking among us, especially when producers like STOKES continue to create these strange tracks that seem to facilitate some kind of communication beacon between us and these foreign visitors. As I stumbled across “Apollo 11“, I couldn’t help but feel like someone else was getting their Riddim walk on right behind me. But every time I turned around, the strange aura would completely dissappear.

But all of that changed once I started jamming out to “Side Piece“. The immediate sound of the creek voice of Sherbrooke’s Riddim don MOTUS echo through the speakers, a massive amount of extraterrestrial energy beamed around me, I knew I wasn’t alone! You should have been here to see all the simultaneous shoulder pops, as my brothers and I stomped around the city of Charlotte. Be careful where you play “Unload” you might just bust out some dance moves you’ve never used before. Be sure to check out STOKES’ 3K EP out now on Havoc Records!

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– Zyven

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