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This Is What Happens When CAMBOT & L*O*J Join Forces

 Ever since I attended my first Yheti concert, witnessed my first DMVU performance, and experienced my debut Digital Ethos showdown, I have developed a huge appreciation for any kind of music that takes a true look at reality before morphing every aspect imaginable – thus creating an often beautiful and extraordinarily intricate reproduction of what our minds might perceive from the first few seconds of the tune. Today, we want to highlight two special artists that have succeeded in creating an ominous yet curious medley perfect for any spooky gathering or event. The feeling that grew in the pit of my stomach once I heard this new sound created by Californian beat machine maestro, CAMBOT, and the Los Angeles tyrants L*O*J (Loris & Josh, originally from Zurich, Switzerland) resembles the feeling one gets while walking through a corn maze in the deep country farms of Los Gatos on Halloween night – creepy and questionably fun. I present you all with “The Reaper“.

As you get further and further into your journey, you stumble upon a series of mysterious crop circles that have never been seen by the naked eye – you and your friends just made a massive discovery! The Reaper has officially made its way to the West Coast, and you better believe it will use that seven foot scythe to infekt all those within his reach. The calm and progressive introduction takes its deep turn into an forbidden abyss without a moment’s notice.

 Welcome to the twisted reality in which the Reaper is actually just one of thousands of alien beings who created these crop circles to attract Americans before beaming them straight up their mothership. As the peculiar tune takes on a swanky Atlanta Trap like vibe, the mothership quickly drops you off in the swamps of Louisiana for a new change of scenery – listen to those bells and cuckoo birds? A telltale sign that you’re approaching Bawldy and Sfam’s hidden swamp lair. One thing that I’m absolutely sure about after listening to this tune is that CAMBOT and L*o*J posses the secret recipe sauce that this musical world needs to survive. CAMBOT, L*o*J… you guys have got it going on. Thanks for the great new music!


L*O*J – “Forbidden Mantra”


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Californians Got That Love

– Zyven

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