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Tiedye Ky Tells Story of Passion & Beauty with Dual Sided Color Palette EP

       Ever since the beginning of time, humans have contemplated the enigma of balance. Yin & Yang, Fire & Water, Good & Evil, the medium through which a story of balance can be told has no limit. With this two part collection of works, Philadelphia native Tiedye Ky rejects conventionality and offers an emotionally transparent yet professionally crafted revelation of balance.

       Featuring a variety of ethereal melodies, original vocal accompaniment, and exceptional sound production, the colors Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, & White are exemplified through extraordinary emotion and apparent musical ability. “Color Palettes: Side A” urges the listener to appreciate the pure beauty of life, something we can all try to do more often.

       Just as there is always a Yin to a Yang, or a calm before a storm, Side B of the Color Palette EP expounds upon Tiedye Ky’s perspective of the more intense, passionate, and chaotic experiences in life. In a collection of tracks that holds absolutely nothing back, we witness the talented story teller/beat maker utilize harsh distorted basses and heavy piercing drums to tell the story of fierce passion and raw emotion we all experience while wandering through this wonderfully complex existence.

       Before listening to this EP, if you would’ve said the name Tiedye Ky I wouldn’t have known what to make of it at all. Now, although, I am grateful to know that he is an incredibly talented musician who can pull not only on my heart strings, but on both sides of my face as I happily frown in disgust from such heavy, crunchy bass. I’m definitely looking forward to what this Philadelphian bass artisan will do next.

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