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Tisoki’s Remix of Oliverse “Leave them Behind” is an Absolute Must

      Mondays are usually a drag for most people, but an easy remedy for a stressful day is listening to music. This morning I was listening to new music on the Firepower Records page – I was jamming out to that new Carbin EP, The Formula. It’s a great piece of production that really showcases the Portland based producer’s talent. But once the EP was said and done,the following track on the list truly caught me by surprise. All the sudden the vibes changed from headbanging madness to a melodically wonkified remix of a tune called “Leave Them Behind” by Hartlepool, UK’s very own Oliverse. This track was remixed by the likes of Norwich’s very own Tisoki, a true production machine. Near the beginning of the track, a beautiful voice echoes the a serene verse that echoes “Yeah we fall, in the light, yeah we fall and we fight, like you left them all behind.” the lyrics soon lead in to a gloriously wobble filled trap inspired drop that slaps you in the face quicker than your mean college roomate on a bad day. The heavy parts last just long enough for you to bounce around ferociously before moving and grooving to the singer’s soothing voice, which puts you in a spell every time you hear it. This is definitely one of those secret gems that you wish you discovered sooner than later. Hit that play button below and make sure to share the love that these British lads have put towards their craft. You can Oliverse and Tisoki a Like on Facebook if you like what they do.


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