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Frozen In Time – Real Riddim Hours with TOPHAT & PROPR

As if discovering new music wasn’t already fun enough – discovering a new song by one of your homies while choring around the house gives you this strange feeling of joy and satisfaction slightly different than hearing about it on social media. Think about it, you’re getting very necessary adult things done, and discovering some swampy new Riddim lick by your fellow, big bearded, fancy hat wearing compadre and one of his best collaborators – it’s that special moment when you hit that button on your keyboard to shake off the idle Windows screen and read the names TOPHAT and PROPR that give you that unique feeling you get whenever jamming out to some pure, raw, raunchy new Riddim. Well folks, if you consider yourself a fan of intergalactic and stellar intros, a filthy vocal infused drop, and all the grotesque gun finger inducing sounds that we’ve all come to know and love from the Virginia Beach and Baltimore legends in the making, then you will certainly love their newest creation, “HYPOTHERMIA”. Smash that play button below, it’s time to get wonky.

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– Zyven

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