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Rediscovering Toro Y Moi: The Freelance Project

 I turned on my car this morning to a total surprise that put a little more pep in my step as I carried on through my daily routine. I had a little more energy than what I’m accustomed to for any typical Monday – but I was certainly okay with this. I have to give huge thanks to the South Carolina musical phenomenon Toro y Moi for creating the beautiful new funk filled deep sea dance jam titled “Freelance” that brightened up my day. If you’re feeling a bit sluggish and sleepy, I promise you that hitting play on this melodic journey to a nearby underwater nightclub will kick your whole day into high gear. Toro y Moi prides himself carrying out this highly important mission of making new souls all around the world stop in their tracks, forget about their current struggles and just let it all out through dance.

   I first discovered the likes of Chaz Bear’s groovy and rhythm inducing project, Toro Y Moi, sometime ago in high school all because of a few tweets that Tyler the Creator had made regarding his musical genius. I know I can’t be the only person on this planet who started exploring Toro Y Moi’s career thanks to the diabolically radical Los Angeles based rapper – I’m just glad I was on Twitter from time to time to catch the news. Flash forward a whole lifetime later, to a future where Sirius XM boasts the new channel that prides itself on showcasing all type of music known as Diplo’s Revolution, especially those outside of the typical EDM category, and I’m now listening to a new Toro y Moi single as a graduated young adult. The flashbacks were a little much for the early morning hours, but I really appreciated the few moments of time travel that Tyler and Toro y Moi were providing for me.

But I truly wasn’t expecting to be thrown into a submarine dance fiesta this morning. AsaI closed my eyes for a brief moment, time froze itself, and the reality that I was once living in had completely changed. I was immediately sent to the SS Elektro as I geared up for a new soulful adventure with dance maniacs from all corners of the universe. The line to join the party was getting excruciatingly thick as Toro Y Moi’s bubbly voice echoed through the SUBmarine’s speaker system. My favorite line remains the same – “No more shoes or socks, I only rock sandals“. Take me back to the summer days baby! If you enjoyed the melodious vibes of “Freelance”, I definitely suggest sharing it with a friend. We can all use some good news from a friend who thinks we deserve to boogie and “walk on water“!

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