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Toss Anything You Thought You Knew About EDM If You Havent Heard VVN

Etched upon the biographies and “about” pages for any media account associated with VVN lie the words

“designed with heart, created to beat”

I’m not entirely sure what the quote means, but I do know that I’ve never experienced music with heart like this. If you appreciate beautifully crafted, compelling, emotion driving works of art, go check out this incredibly talented musician “VVN“. 

Not only will she bring you the filth I know you love, but she’ll pull on your heart in the most epic, incredible, and captivating way.

When I first stumbled across VVN’s page, I had been intrigued by the ominous nature of her brand, so naturally I began listening through the lot of the mysterious producer’s discography.

Starting about five years back, the first track titled “Kingship“, was a unique hardstyle/trance piece which possessed many striking orchestral accompaniments and, though I’m not much of a hardstyle/trance guy myself, I noticed many different aspects of the work which had shown great potential and urged my gut to continue digging. Scrolling through the timeline of the musician’s works, I began to hear her sound emerge and continue to improve exponentially. Though she had possessed impressive production quality even in her first works, I heard her ability grow into something which had completely stricken me with awe. EDM like I had never heard before.

Each track brought me closer to the present day VVN, beginning to gain the traction with which to evaluate this fantastically unique and melodically inept bass artist. I started to fall in love with the classically inspired orchestral runs which laid full, consistently captivating, and structured at the foundation of each new piece she released. Arriving three years back to the track “Rage“, I barely held on to my trousers as the immersive mid-tempo work boasted both professional sound design and fierce artistic flare, revealing a glimpse of what the dark, passionate soul of VVN is really like.

1 year, a remix of ZHU & Nero, “Dreams”. THIS IS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT. So heavy, so filthy, such brilliant composition. I honestly didn’t imagine I would see such a drastic improvement in the artist who had already proven to be special from the beginning.

      That same year, this time a remix of Hans Zimmer called “Genius“. Yes, HANS ZIMMER, THE DUDE WHO DOES EVERY EPIC SOUNDTRACK FOR ANY GOOD MOVIE EVER. I don’t like over-exaggerating when I review tracks or artists and I am seriously not doing so now… this isn’t just any EDM producer. THIS GIRL IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. Certainly some of the best orchestral bass music I’ve ever heard. You won’t find many other producers with this caliber of melodic composition, production quality, or ability to create such gripping atmospheres.

      I feel like I haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg in my attempt to explain the sound of VVN. With plenty of tracks that I would easily consider professional to choose from, I am certain you will find tunes that’ll make you fall in love too.

     Track after track, masterpiece after masterpiece, I was consistently impressed and quickly became more and more infatuated with the mysterious dark bass musical maestro. As I made my way to her most recent works, VVN easily gripped the last remaining portions of my ever-willing soul.

Excuse my repetitive adjective below, but its certainly the best word I can use to explain this producer.

     Gripping. Melodies that grip the heart, harmonies that grip the soul, professionally crafted atmospheres that grip the mind. Every listen better than the last. Raw, real, emotion. Please, please, please, do yourself a favor and check out this music.

I’d never lead you astray.

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– Tristan


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