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Triple Threat Tour Gallery: Riddim Carolina Madness

    Well, well, well, look at what the Riddim Cat dragged in? Some memories! After a draining thirteen hour journey from Weekend Two of the Electric Forest in Rothbury, Michigan, I manage to make it to my 8:30 set on time to spin some tunes for the good people of the Carolinas (and some homies from Virginia) as three Disciple Records Powerhouses prepared for their North Carolina Debuts. This couldn’t have happened with the Create. boys stepping up to the challenge.
   Oolacile – INFEKT MurDa: These boys did some absolutely outstanding work on stage, but what really made this night special was their humbling, positive and friendly attitudes. After facing near destruction for four hours straight, we were able to reflect on the night at my parent’s house, as we hosted an improptu after-party/ birthday celebration for my recent 23rd.
     Thanks again to everyone who showed out to support – this weekend was more special than you can imagine. Big ups to Zubah for throwing down such a filthy performance and bringing up half of Perma-Trip to rock out with us. Hugest of ups to Disciple Round Table for taking care of Christian and Tommy, and releasing their incredible new tunes these past couple months. Thank you to my mother and father for that awesome after party, and for always supporting my crazy goals and dreams.
The FATTEST thank you must go to Coops McPoops Oolacile for popping by the post show shenanigans, eating a vegan burger cooked by the homie Tyler, and orchestrating my Happy Birthday song, that made my entire year brother!
Riddim is a dancer and she ain’t goin’ nowhere – believe it.

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Riddim Walk Till I Drop Baby!

– Zyven

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