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Tsuruda Orchestrates Masterful 23 Track LP

Thomas Jay Tsuruda.

A vastly underrated veteran producer who began his journey through sound at the age of fifteen.

A name that revels humbly in audial mastery and pushes genuine creativity with no remorse for popular opinion.

A classically trained pianist, violinist, and vocalist, taught at a classical music school from kindergarten to eighth grade, who quickly became adept to the taxing self discipline which comes along with the plight of a musician.

Thomas Tsuruda is absolutely one of the most talented and innovative artisans of electronic music I’ve ever listened to. With an exemplary ability to encapsulate his listener into an atmosphere fabricated uniquely through his own design, this experimental visionary has disemboweled any expectation which might’ve been offered preempting the release of his new LP,


     In this twenty-three track journey through the mind of Thomas Jay Tsuruda, we are guided along a melodic dissertation of data from every plane of existence both known and unknown. I can very easily assure that you have NEVER heard bass music like this, and I believe that’s what this boundary pushing engineer prides himself upon.

     With the release of “Unlimited DataTsuruda proves that he is certainly at the top of his game. Utilizing a wide array of professionally crafted samples, Thomas’ hip-hop-influenced stylistic flow propels the listener through a seemingly limitless assortment of data as they find themselves within a dreamlike whirlwind of harmonious stimuli in one moment, then abruptly snatched away with the swift arrival of filthy head bobbing drum beats & revolutionary low end atmospheres in the next. In this full length collection of works, we witness inspiration from all parts of the developed world, amassed and filtered through Tsuruda’s esoteric creative lens and eclectic artistic vision. This is definitely a project that will stand the test of time, so be sure to give it a listen if you havent! While you’re at it, take a gander on over to his social media platforms so you can catch him in action whenever you get the chance!

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