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Tuesday Night Slappery Featuring Bawldy, Blunts & Blondes, Adiidas & More

I was sitting in my dorm waiting for finals, desperately avoiding trying to study for them, when suddenly realized I had been flooded with unusual amounts of quality music. Some of my favorite producers in the game- and a few newly discovered ones- have been getting things done in the studio to bring their best works to date to our patiently waiting external audial canals. Based off of the assumption that anyone reading this article has a particular affinity for the finest in bass music, naturally I felt inclined to delight you all with the audial delicatessen I’ve stumbled upon recently.

Coming at you live from Lynchburg VA, it’s your favorite bass addict with a handful of artists who know a thing or two about sauce, in the first installment of…


Featuring: bàwldy, Blunts & Blondes, Chee, Kurei, and Adiidas

     First we take a trip to the hometown of some of America’s sauciest wub engineers, New Orleans, Louisiana. The city is known for its flourishing art culture and limitless creativity, so to no surprise, it’s bass music representatives are practically oozing sauce. Talented creators like bàwldyBoogie T, & Sfam deliver their art with as much originality as the city itself. The man behind the tune above that currently has you feeling like a thug from another dimension, is one of my all time favorite dubstep artists, bàwldy. This wonky gangster is beginning to receive the back end of long hours behind the DAW and persistent patience. Already beginning to pop up on big ticket festival lineups like BUKU, his unique N’Awlins blood and ability to deliver nothing but professionally crafted wubs and wonky signature sounds have thrusted him upon the electronic music scene. A don with low frequency wub, a bass artisan with a knack for repping his home town, and the much more gangster version of popeye, this New Orlean native is sure to make you feel like an absolute G by the time you make it to the 2:00 minute mark in “Rubberband“.

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     Riding a rude reggae flow and repping my hometown Tampa exceptionally well, Blunts & Blondes delivers a deep stanka, green gangsta, riddim banga of a chune through Zeds Dead’s label Deadbeats, titled “Smooth Skanka“. Dropping in out of nowhere on the “We Are Deadbeats Vol. 3” compilation release, I saw Mike’s name and was very pleasantly surprised. Hear me when I say how thoroughly he impressed me with this track. If I wasn’t already extremely excited for the next time I get to see him throw down, I certainly am now. It seems like just a couple months ago he played at Okeechobee for the first time. Since then, he’s delivered his deep, carefree Dubstep flow with professional precision to venues all over the country. Throwing down with Blunts means throwing down for a night you wont forget. Check out his website —>

     To be honest I would’ve been okay with waiting a couple weeks, or even a few months for a new tune from either of these two, but here they are with yet another banger. Brought to you by THE leading source of wonk (SubCarbon), bàwldy and Blunts & Blondes are back again with a fantastically fire dose of wubs served hot on a deep reggae platter. It’s safe to say I’m feeling like a spoiled brat on Christmas. There’s just something about the pure and unadulterated SAUCE these expert deep sea wub engineers deliver with every track they collaborate on and it’s that consistent heat that keeps me coming back. Name a better duo I’ll wait…

     For the next track of the inaugural Tuesday Night Slappery, I bring you to a place you probably weren’t expecting to visit. A place positioned boldly on the cutting edge of sonic possibility. South African bass experimentalist, Chee, lacks no fluency in the language of filth, and has assuredly perfected his delivery of said filth. With an uncanny ability to fabricate an atmosphere fully his own, Chee has taken X&G’s track “Safe” to an entirely alternate reality, maintaining the track’s esoteric environment, yet transforming its bass presence into something which can only be brought by the mad man Chee himself.

If you’re a fan of Chee, go check out his latest inexplicable bout of destruction titled “Destroy


      YO. Whats up family! If you made it this far, I’ve got mad love for you. Next up I had to include this dope track I came across the other day from one of my favorite trap producers in the game, Kurei. With no hesitation, the California native unloads a saucy clip of thick wubs in a quick drive by that perfectly exemplifies his unique style and masterful production quality.

     While we’re here in the land of the sauce, go ahead and place that pashmina nicely atop your cabeza and crank that sub. If Adiidas is a name you don’t recognize, smash that play button and get acquainted. The name of the track speaks for the stylistic flow of this unique experimental trap bass enthusiast, and honestly you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t explore the rest of his discography. “Hood Classic Master 2” offers that prime level of distortion your eardrums have been thirsting for and pairs it with a slew of multidimensional samples which in my case ended up being the reason this Lake Tahoe native landed on my list of this week’s audible ectoplasm.

     Right now the electronic community is getting blessed with a sick amount of quality tunes from a multitude of highly talented producers. Keep your eyes peeled for new tracks popping up from all over the country.

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