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TVBOO Samples Classic Comedy on His Newest Single!

      What’s the worst thing that a cop has said to you whenever you’ve been pulled over? My two least favorite words would be “littering and smoking reefer“, because first of all, who wants to contaminate this beautiful planet with trash? And second of all! Nobody in their right mind would want to get caught for the latter! Especially in North Carolina – cops here sure aren’t fans of the Devil’s lettuce. But it comes to no surprise that someone would take a hilariously historical scene from the infamous Super Troopers comedy movie series and turn it into a spaced out, inter-dimensional, sonic audio journey for bass aliens all over the world to enjoy. Not to mention this new galactic thriller was released on Kelowna’s very own Sauce Kitchen record label! Our producer of the hour has found the perfect mix of work and play on this new single.

      The New Orleans based producer known as TVBOO must have known that I just watched the movie Super Troopers 2 just a few days ago – so when I heard an awesome experimental bass tune sample one of the funniest introductions to a movie ever created (the opening scene where those stoners get pulled over), I got a little excited and felt like sharing it with all my friends! Give yourself a moment of nostalgia by grabbing your closest buddy with a goofy sense of humor, rolling up a fatty, and blasting “Littering & Smoking Reefer” with the Bass turned up high.

Thanks for the good memories, and double thanks for an ever better tune! Be sure to give TVBOO a like on Facebook Here! 

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