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Twisted Waveforms and Gapped Glitches Form an Edge of the Seat Experience for Just John’s New Project “Torque”

The last song on Just John’s Buddha release picks up where the Mocha Stain EP left off – with wave-table modulation and well placed foley the “Torque” (co-produced with Smol from Calgary) pulls through with a spilled mocha on my lap type of energy. With a variety of unique sampling techniques and industrial inspired trap rhythms, the listener attains a fast pace driving, heart pumping array of sonic madness.

The samples for drums and foley have been collectively more tightly glued to the equalization of the rest of the spectrum per track, giving the volume room for less compression, resulting in a naturally saturated, more dynamic tone. This is most noticeable along the drums and synths in “Torque,” giving it the power of a monster truck.

The sequencing of the bridge sections and buildups resemble the suspenseful style of the Mocha Stain EP as well as other Just John releases. Not to mention the dark playfulness of Perfect Number a dauntingly twisted collection of other worldly sounds. The following track of this self titled release “Buddha” has plenty of similarities to the OG Just John sounds.

Following these connections, it is refreshing to see Just John work in a number of production styles from earlier works pulled together in a new flavor. Most notably, there is a greater variety of sound design across the board with this release. Many of the Just John synth sounds which have always been unique, have shifted into a deeper level of modulation and design across the Buddha EP. Much love to Danktronics for supporting Just John on the release! (Shots by Brandon Ezra Photography are from Just John’s North Carolina debut back in December)

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