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Tyler, The Creator Set To Release New Album Next Week (New Music!)


     The internet went to pieces last week when Jay Z and other music power heads like Coldplay and Deadmau5 released their concept for a new music streaming platform called Tidal.

But according to the good people on twitter, Tyler The Creator announcing new music is much more exciting.

#CHERRYBOMB #CHERRYBOMB #CHERRYBOMB is what everyone is talking about.

     But before I talk about the album, let me mention the recent interview with Tyler and CEO of Whalerock Industries, Lloyd Braun, who have been working together to create an online service that essentially allows an artist to share all of their thoughts and interest in one platform, cutting out the middle men and “older white guys” from the picture, allowing people, like Tyler, to talk about his new album or even whatever cool artist (probably someone that you’ve never heard of) that he’s listening to at the time.  In other words, “you can connect directly to fans” no need for social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.

     To complement this new online service, Tyler has also taken the liberty to release a miniature movie promoting his new album Cherry Bomb. The video features two songs off the new album, F*****G Young, and Deathcamp, which is actually the intro to the album. As my friend Malcolm once told me, if the intro isn’t hard then album gon’ be lame. But Young T starts off this new mysterious album with a flow that I guarantee you haven’t heard from him before. His fast and gritty rhymes definitely catch your attention leaving you to think what else he has in his Cherry Bomb collection.


When I watched the official video for Tyler’s third studio album this morning at 9:42 am, it  had only been seen about 24,000 times. Now it’s 4:45 pm and Tyler’s artistic, peculiar,  intriguing, six and a half minute movie has reached over 240,000 views.

CHErryb snao Update: It’s 5:42 (I know I’m a slow writer), and the video now has over 300,000 views, the   world is ready for Cherry Bomb.

It seems that Tyler is ready to show the world what he’s been working on for who  knows how  long, his last album release,Wolf , was released in 2013. And because the  internet, we also  got word that other artists like the infamous Yeezy and Weezy, as  well as LA gangsta,  Schoolboy Q and the legendary Pharell, will all be featured on  Cherrybomb. I’m crossing my  fingers that Mac Miller and some cool random band  like Tame Impala also get put on the  new album, but this is just speculation and  wishful thinking.

If you’re like me and you actually enjoy owning the album, looking at the artwork and track credits, and blasting that new CD in your 2004 Acura TSX, then you’ll have to wait a little while. Otherwise go preorder the album on iTunes.

chrry twt

But its okay, that means we get options like the 2012 Odd Future Tape: Vol.2







Cherry Bomb is set to be released on Monday, April 13th. So if these guys really care about your Monday not sucking, they’ll hopefully release the album at Midnight. Check out the music video for F*****G Young here —–

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