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TYRO Breaks Necks With New Single “Death Rattle”

In this universe, we’ve come to experience a lot of moments that that embody what true honor is – like getting a little unexpected praise at work from your boss during a team meeting, or having the moderator from your Grad class step out behind her closed doors to tell you that your presentation was actually pretty tight, or even the feeling you get when you make someones day by handing out hundreds of little dinosaurs at a music festival in Tennessee – Honor clearly comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. But today, I’m feeling absolutely honored that a man named Cooper reached out to the Charlotte Sessions to show off a new tune by a Denver based artist who goes by the name of Tyro. And here is why!

If you’ve been keeping up with TCS since our youthful days in 2015, you might recognize this powerful name from one of our OG DJ of the Day articles that used to flood this fun project that has made its way to so many readers across the globe (Click Here to Read our original Tyro Story). Tyro is an exceptionally versatile producer from the Mile High City who has an absolute knack for knocking people down on their rears before rising them up with a powerful drop. Tyro’s newest creation, “Death Rattle“, has safely made its way to my sound receptors as each kilobyte transforms itself from a mere form of data to a dangerously unique, neck cranking collection of wild sounds made for the rowdiest headbangers to hit this planet. “Death Rattle” is grimey, pungent, and perfectly well written for anyone who’s looking for a new and exciting Dubstep audible experience. But beware, you may want to grab a neck brace after blasting this one as loud as possible.


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– Zyven

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