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Uncharted Promo: Setting Sail with Maryland’s Finest

Over the past several years I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to explore the different hot spots for Electronic music in this country. From the late night bass thumping excursions in eastern Massachusetts to the flourishing Dubstep fiestas in Milwaukee, it never ceases to amaze me where I manage to discover a thriving culture of unknown 808s and low end frequencies. But today, I would like to highlight one particular spot on the East Coast that has always played such a special part in my ongoing adventure to find the illest shows around. While the Charm City may be more recognized for its valiant sports teams, unstoppable shipping ports, and unapologetic appeal, I’ve grown to really love the Electronic music and bass scene that has continued to shine ever since my first visit in 2016. But what would Baltimore and the rest of the DMV scene be like if promotional organizations such as Uncharted weren’t making waves?

At some point in their journey, every concert promoter and organizer has had to look at themselves in the mirror and ask, “am I truly up to the challenge?” But this isn’t a mere question of self belief or doubt, its like a call to arms to set sail on the brackish and dangerous waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Do you sink, or do you sail? This was a very important question that creative Justin Wilk had to ask himself when he first started brainstorming the idea for what will one day be known as one of the biggest blessings to ever happen to the state of Maryland. But of course, the ideas for Uncharted Promo didn’t just develop over night. Justin has always been deeply involved in the growth and prosperity of the DMV scene, especially before his beginnings at venues like Club Oxygen and the 8×10.

What once used to be a mere desire to help Zodiak spread the word of their shows has manifsted into something much, much greater. Wilks realized that while if there is a will, of course there’s a way – but what has really helped push the growth of Uncharted has been the desire to add his own flavor to Baltimore’s invigorating night life and Electronic music culture. If you were one of the lucky folks who got to attend their debut show at Club Oxygen with Helicopter Showdown, Akronym, and Lucchii, then you know how hard the Uncharted crew throws down. They even had Virginia Beaches nicest DJ, TopHat, shell out for the good Riddim heads of the DMV. Here’s a shot from some of the Scallywags (a very fitting title for supporters of Uncharted) who made that first experience one to never forget.

With an absolute banger of a first show, Uncharted carefully planned their next special gathering in Baltimore. If you ask your average dubstepper if they have been to a show at the 8×10, their answer would more than likely be a big yes with a smile. This venue has been one of the key reasons folks visit the Federal Hills district of the city, and back in January, everyone was beyond excited for the very first appearance of DirtySnatcha in Maryland. Not to mention a very wonky set by Los AngelesSouthgage along with a series of alien experiments conducted in the form of sound by South Jersey’s badmon Ludge.

That guy upfront with the big smile says it all. But the festivities didn’t end at the 8×10 that evening – believe it or not, the Uncharted fam managed to create a marvelous late-night experience for their guests by hosting a filthy warehouse after-party. This photo shows a few of the many irreplaceable stank faces that were flashed throughout the night and early morning on that fateful, misty, Saturday.

This is just one of many Uncharted afterparties that have taken place in Maryland during their time. There were many incredible artists out there that evening such as Kinetic from the Villainz crew in Texas, Southgate for round 2, OLLIE b2b Venom, Bennit, Sircasm, and many more! If you’re a huge fan of those late night warehouse Dubstep party vibes, then you might have caught wind of one of the craziest post Subtronics & Emalkay jam sessions of all time featuring non other than Pennsylvania nightmare, Forreign from the infamous Crowsnest label.

Everything happens for a reason – before the world took a left turn and started going a little crazy, Uncharted was able to help make two more wild shows happen in Baltimore. March 6th will always be known as the day Dizzy III, Symbiotic and Zubah absolutely destroyed Creative Labs. Locals tend to come to Bass friendly shows at Creative Labs because of the crafty visual experience and highly impressive sound. So when the community found out that one of Atlanta’s greatest producers of all time was set to play at the Labs, they got majorly excited.

After asking one of my favorite Marylanders of all time what she thought about the concert, she had nothing but positive remarks to share. “First of all, the venue was incredible – medium size with plenty of dance floor and cool rooms with intricate trippy light and string sculptures, and amazing artwork all over the walls! The show itself was just FUCK*N NUTTY. Like insanely amazing. Zubah played my favorite set right after dancing with me in the crowd! Doing some higgggh knees for the Riddims. There are photos of us doing so (hahaha).” – Ashlie the Riddim Kitty.

While the 8×10, Club Oxygen, and the Creative Labs have been incredible venues to host some unforgettable shows, the folks at Uncharted soon found themselves making important plans with Depth Perception yet again. If you’re from the DMV, then you’ve probably had a taste of one of Depth Perception’s countless Dubstep fiestas – but their most recent collab with Uncharted paved way for some wild performances by old school legend Megalodon and the Israeli super-producer WHALES at Baltimore Soundstage, another staple venue that puts Maryland on the map. For many, this will be a night to never forget.

How has Uncharted decided to stay productive during this wild time the world is experiencing right now? With a special series called the Captain’s Log! This is a special online live stream featuring an array of unique artists from different corners of the Northeast! The main objective is to give underground locals the opportunity to shine, especially during these hard times. The first session featured Alone, King Smo, Mr. Robinson, Moppy and Sircasm. Keep your eyes peeled on the Uncharted page for news about the second installment.

To wrap things up properly, we wanted to share another exciting livestream event that will take place this month on June 11th, on starting at 6:00 PM eastern all the way until 11:00! Dubsteppers will get a chance to enjoy the likes of Atlanta duo Mantis, Phoenix mixmachine Sluggo, Fairfax madman Zarian, and last but not least, DMV hero Venom.

Thank you all for tuning in and learning a little more about these move makers in the DMV. In the great words of Uncharted’s Captain Justin, never forget to “Disembark on an Uncharted Adventure”

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