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[Music Festival Alert] Valhalla Sound Circus // Québec, July 2017

Incredible 5 Day Camping Bass Music Festival in Canada – Affordable & Feasible!

   Are you a huge fan of Dubstep music? Do you enjoy surrounding yourself by good people on sacred grounds filled with amazing music and activities? Well look no further, we might have found the festival for you. Recently we discovered that our buddy Gram Greene was booked to play a Canadian music festival filled with Dubstep and Riddim peers, such as Monxx, Phiso, Eptic, and more, who are known for throwing down hard no matter where they perform. Ladies and gentlemen let us present you the Valhalla Sound Circus located in Montreal, Quebec! This is how the promoters in Montreal describe VSC. “Built on the dream of synthesizing art, music, adventure, and partying into an entire unparalleled and un-describable package, the Valhalla Sound Circus is more than just a music festival, it’s a pilgrimage.”

If you live on the East Coast of the US and want to attend this festival, but are on a budget, let us tell you how feasible it is to drive drive to Montreal (that is, if you don’t want to pay $300+ for a plane ticket, gas money is cheaper!). Only 15.5 hours away from Charlotte, 12 hours from Richmond, 10.5 hours from DC, 17 hours from Columbia, 19.5 hours from Atlanta, 8 hours from NYC, 6.5 hours from Boston. With two people in your car, the most you should pay is $150-200 for a round trip on gas! Make sure you have your passport ready too! Let’s check out the Line-Up below.

     As you can see, this festival is absolutely stacked. For the first time we will experience the likes of Yheti, J Phelpz, Midnight T, TRUTH, Tsuruda, Krimer, and so many more incredible artists These artists will be performing on a variety of stages including the following (Photos found on

The Thunderground

The Hive


      Did you noticed the other headliners? Downlink, Must Die!, Dion Timmer, and so many more talented artists are rocking the main stage throughout the weekend. We’re also stoked to mention that this festival is currently priced at $112. And guess what, camping is included. Unlike many festivals in the US that charge $350+ for a 3 day camping festival, you can’t beat VSC 2017 prices. This is what they had to say “Wild camping is already included with the purchase of your VSC 2017 ticket, so there aren’t any extra charges for camping upon your arrival at Valhalla.” 

  As tradition goes, this festival also has a numerous amount of Food Vendors who will be more than prepared to fill thousands of bellies this July from the 14th to the 17th. More details will be coming out soon in regards to the festivals food choices. We also would imagine that this festival features a number of vendors who will be selling pins, clothes, precious gems, flow toys, and more.

     Also, to make it easier on you on finding out how long your commute will be, here is the address to VSC 2017: 891 Rang Saint Madeleine, Saint-Andre-Avellin, QC, J0V 1W0, Canada. You can Purchase your 5-Day Festival Pass Here! We hope to see you at the Circus!

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–   Zyven

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