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VALHALLA Sound Circus Is Almost Here!

I must say, watching Infekt, Oolacile and Mvrda with my new Montreal brothers was one of the most exciting Riddim experiences I have ever encountered in my short twenty four years on this planet – I was left in shock, and started brainstorming all the potential moments of glory and destruction that I would encounter once I make my return to Canada. Folks, mark your calendars because when we finally hit the weekend of July 19th, everything that we’ve ever come to know about a Dubstep music festival will change.
Valhalla Sound Circus is easily known as one of the most thrilling weekends, filled with all forms of heavy Bass, to ever hit Quebec. VSC will consume the minds and souls of Headbangers and Wobble Wastelanders from all over North America in the most spectacular ways. From gloriously special sets from artists like Flix and Motus, Zeke Beats, Pushloop, 5OHMAN, Da Force, Izzy Vadim, Space Jesus, Pigeon Hole, Toadface, Tripzy Leary, Chibs, Bloodthinnerz, Trampa, to impeccably decorated stages, to an array of exciting extracurricular activities, Valhalla Sound Circus 2019 is surely set to resonate in your heart for years to come.

The Stages
(I won’t show you what they look like to keep the element of surprise alive – however, they look insane! Get ready to get weird!)

The Thunderground
“Prepare, mighty warriors of Valhalla, to enter the sacred temple of the Thunderground. ”

“We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.”

The Hive
“Teeming with activity day and night, keeping your finger on the buzzing pulse of the Hive is a challenging but rewarding task.”

Not to mention.. There’s a beach for festivalgoers to relax and recharge whenever they feel like it! If this looks like your kind of party, then make sure you Grab your Tickets HERE Today!

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– Zyven

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