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Vide Flexes Production Leap with Lost Dogz EP “Crashed”

While shrapnel dissipates following the impact of vide‘s blistering “Crash” EP, the underground bass community continues to feel the shock in response to its enormous weight. After just a few listens, it becomes clearly evident this Baltimore based experimentalist and rising Lost Dogz all-star has been tenaciously refining his craft for quite a while. I’m not an expert at this stuff, but I can definitely tell you this EP shows vide at the very pinnacle of his game, with nowhere to go but up.

WARNING: The final track, “Abyss” will most likely cause your brain to ooze out of your ears.

This four piece collision course through sound has something to offer fans new and old, militarized and armed to the core with new and improved sound design as well as top-tier musical integrity that displays the genuine talent of vide more than ever before.

The entire body of work is incredible, though for the sake of brevity I’ll discuss two of my favorites.

The EP begins with a track titled “passage which smoothly invites the listener into the atmospheric setting of the project before embarking on a full bodied synth/wub tirade bearing head knocking flow, intricate stereo experimentation, and a delicious low end that will leave your earholes salivating.

One of my favorite pieces from the project is the title track “crashed, which sticks out to me specifically because of it’s unique introduction, complex composition, high energy build, and peculiar sound design. After a powerful riser sucks you in like a lentil scooped up by a vacuum and the sound of distorted seagull voices scramble from all directions, vide previews the beat seconds before it drops and at climax orchestrates an intricate arrangement of masterfully designed synths and basses which, I might add, lack no rhythmic integrity in the slightest. Adding yet another majestic flow to the mix, vide rides out the tune with unarguable sauce as he trades a similar second drop for an atmospheric trap beat full of pure and unadulterated musical soul.

Creds: @videbeats on Twitter

As it comes and goes with blistering pace, the project’s musical intent & rhythmic energy is tightly refined throughout each of the drops and even more-so in every moment surrounding them. Seething with never-before-heard sound design, various beat styles, spacious melodic/harmonic atmospheres, and masterful production, this EP absolutely proves that vide will make haste on his way to the top of this vast chaotic abyss we call electronic music.

Bonus Track: “Sub Sonar” on Lost Dogz

Check out his most recent release and be on the lookout for all of the Lost Dogz artists in the near future!

In the bass community’s tempestuous climate of booming low end and delectable eardrum delights, vide and a growing group of his peers are beginning to reap the harvest of years spent mastering their craft, committing to top-tier production quality and cohesive musical delivery that will allow them to consistently remain at the very brink of sonic innovation and experimentation.

I’m excited to watch this fearless sound engineer continue to find new ways to improve his art. It would be a shame for you to miss out!

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– Tristan

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