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Walking Through the Streets and I Hear a Spicy Nois [Soft Release]


The Spicy Bois, ring a bell? If not, then you’ve come to the right place. Creator, MeSo, (Kevin Lee) residing from Chicago, IL, has paved his way into the industry with his wonky wubs, often mixing elements from Deep Experimental Bass to Bass House to undefined Bass, MeSo is someone who won’t have you asking yourself, when can I go home, if you get the opportunity to catch him live of course. With his unique abilities, he’s constructed what’s known today as the Spicy Bois, a well balanced collective of just as eager minded producers and disc jockeys. A few of the other producers in the Spicy Bois collective include Space WizardCNOPESSAGZUNKNWN, SathershwiLLy, and nonetheless MeSo.

Spicy Nois is the wonky diamond gem we have all been longing for. Creations from UNKNWN, MOLOKAISather, MeSoMindtality, Hedron, and Migz are up next on today’s Spicy Menu. With this comes more free-form Bass, Hybrid Trap, Experimental Bass, and Space Bass. Let’s dive head first into this amazing release.

MOLOKAI, the illusive, the machine, the experimental Wisconsinite brought up in the world of production by the one and only CNOPEScomes out of the wook-works to deliver his Spicy dish, Temple. As you smash play you are shot through the universe to where it seems chaos has over run space and time. Once acclimated to the weather, you hear a soothing flute tempt you to follow. Following the flute temptress you are bestowed upon a foreign yet familiar Temple. Inside you find nothing but light and an amazing melody that brings you to tears.

Next on the list of my personal favorites we have Front Door by the Experimental Bass guru, UNKNWN. Lurking from Green Bay, WI, UNKNWN has been slinging bass warbles with the likes of Gravitas, and With this slam up job Front Door, you are met with classic 808’s paired with, what do you know, a knock on the door. Beyond the knock are some slimy bass slices delivered on a silver platter. Enjoy!

Let us know what you think about the new release, Spicy Nois!! Expect six more tracks to be released on April 12th!

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 So MeSo flavored

– Zeno

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