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Warned & Al Ross Drop New Winter Womps for the Soul

     Who’s the master, and who’s the servant? No servants here folks. Certainly not Al Ross and Warned, since the two producers are practically masters in the making. If you’ve been keeping up with The Charlotte Sessions, then you know we support the Al Ross (peep Hijack featuring Monxx), but recently we’ve had out eyes on a Philly based producer who’s showing the Underground bass world that he’s now hungrier than ever. A few weeks back, Warned reached a massive feat of hitting 2 000 followers on SoundCloud. Like all great producers who hit a milestone in their musical career, Warned release a hot new collab with his LA based brother-in-Riddim-arms, AL Ross. Their new collab, “Master and Servant” is an exact reminder of why I love Dubstep music. The track start off with a slow, outer-space themed beat; as the alien signals starts beaming, the snake charm snares soon find their way in the mix before a voice echoes “What is thy bidding my master?” and CRASH! The world is now one step closer to its impending doom. This one is for the headbangers. Make sure you give Warned that Follow on SoundCloud a Like on Facebook, and dont’ forget to smash that Free Download button and get your copy of “Master & Servant” today! But wait.. There’s more!

 It’s time to get Loud! You think I’d only share one new Warned tune with you? No sir! No ma’am! The last one was a heavy hitting, gun firing, heater! This new track by the the Jersey based producer, perfectly titled, “LOUD,” is a true womp and stomp single that will have you shaking your rump sooner than you can say “Holy Sh*t it’s the Warriors. ” If you like what you hear, then get hype with me because Warned and his Warrior brothers, Saunter, Packback, Gram Greene and ECTO will all be performing live at the Adventures Thru the Multiverse Part 2 bass showdown in Philly on December 16th! See you freaks in the Underground.

BY THE WAY, There’s two more tunes I’d like to share with you. If I say Svdden Death + Al Ross, + Warned, would that get your plumbus’ going? I freaked out and I think you will too.  Peep the remix of “Power” and make sure you grab that Free Download!

ONE MORE TING. If you enjoyed all three of those tunes, then you will certainly enjoy the seriously heavy vibes that “Bring the Bass” has to offer. This new one just dropped on Full Flex Audio, and it’s a nasty one! You might want to give it a listen and grab that Free Download before it’s too late!. Keep up the good work Warned, the people are watching.

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