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WARNED Premiers Artillery Shells and War Machines!

While he may not be the leader of the Free World, I’ll tell you what WARNED from New Jersey truly is: A cyborg from the year 2085 sent back to the early 21st century to cause havoc and destruction through the power of sound – a creature from another dimension who discovered a community in North America that crafts Dubstep music, all because of a fault in his coordinate system – an audible creator who finally left the depths of the ocean to join the rest of his species here on the surface. He’s a true artist worth hearing. I am very proud to announce that the Flemington based sound bender has given the world a gift worth talking about. If you consider yourself a fan of the heavier side of Dubstep, then I encourage you to hit play on that button below and unleash the sounds behind “Artillery Shells“.

DJs, beware, this new tune by the Jersey Devil will rock those monitors to pieces, just as an artillery shell is supposed to do. I’m no producer, but I can tell that whatever sound WARNED paired with his kicks managed to make them a lot more aggressive – so when he pairs them up with his gruesome synths, it sounds damn near perfect. This is the type of tune that you drop on a crowd just to create some really brutal havoc. It feels like a hacker got into WARNED’s computer just to add a few glitchy sounds to the tune to spice it up. Now folks, how can we destroy our enemies with some artillery shells if we don’t have the proper war machine to blast them off? Low and behold, if you thought that first tune was intense, wait till you hear the next one.

You thought I was joking, but this wizard managed to conjure up a few spirits on “War Machine“. A mystical vibe comes into play when a mysterious voice shouts out “Your Death Awaits” – of course, this is right before the bouncy gear crunching drop smacks all who listen, right across their metaphorical face. It’s almost as if the intention of this song was to bring back the most brutal military leader of the Roman army and place him in the engine of the Camden Battleship. Think about it. If the baddest military naval battleship was taken over by a true gladiator with over a century’s worth of anger to unleash, then all of our enemies would be doomed. With the proper war machine, we will have nothing to fear, but ourselves.

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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