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Warped Horizon – Bassnectar New Years Afterparty –

 Oh wow, do my eyes deceive me? Or did this super group of some of our country’s finest promoters put together the most badass Bassnectar NYE after party on the face of this planet? If you want a stacked weekend in Atlanta, then plan ahead because the 30th and 31st of December will feature a filthy pre-party, a life changing main event, and two incredible post Nectar events designed for those late night vibes that you’ve all been looking for. We hear they’re going all the way until 6 in the morning; so if you planned to skip sleeping all weekend long like we do, then get on board with Warped Horizons today. One word, G Jones.

     Wait, thirteen words as a matter of fact. G Jones, Esseks, Govinda, Eazybaked, Of the Trees and Freddy Todd, Hyperbolic Headspace, Zen Selekta, and Organik. As if the weekend wasn’t wonky enough already, Minnesota is throwing down on the 30th, Bassnectar on the 31st, and now we’ve got Warped Horizons for the afterhours. Believe it or not, that’s just Phase One, of this glorious event. Oh, and there will actually be two unique stages designed to give patrons different experiences throughout the weekend.

 The sound systems that are being used for this show are not just any run of the mill speakers either. For the main stage, the guys over at Post Future are providing equipment from Danley Sound Labs, while the folks over at ThazDope Records are bringing along speakers from the illustrious company known as PK Sounds, you know, the speakers that Excision and Datsik use on all of their tours, in addition to the premier Lost Lands festival earlier this month?

?: BG Photography – “Esseks”

     If you’re ready to party NYE style, the right way, then hit that Going button and RSVP Here Today! You can also save some money before ticket prices skyrocket, and Purchase Them Here Today! Big ups to Sweet Science Radio, SOMA Entertainment, C4 ProductionsZen Awakening Festival 2017 & Pass The Good Entertainment for joining forces on this mind boggling event. It’s not easy to put on these kind of events but you all seem to have a knack for it. We’ll see you out in the trippy fields in two short months!

?: iWally – “Bassnectar NYE”

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