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[Watch Here] Pio Perilla – Dejo Ir (Colombian Music Video)

Bogota’s Rising Talent Means Business

    Pio Perilla has been a family friend for years now. From playing guitar by the pools of Kualamana when we were kids, to rocking the saxophone at fancy dinner parties in different restaurants and hotels, I could tell Pio would grow up to be a true hustler in the music industry. Actively playing different events throughout He’s trying to make a name for himself. Better yet, he is making a name for himself. While we’re not really involved in the Colombian music industry, real recognizes real, no matter where you go, and Pio is the real deal.


     While he’s down with the saxophone, Pio’s specialty is the guitar. In late October of last year he released a music video for his new song “Dejo Ir” which in English means, “Letting Go.” The track has a relaxed folky like of sound that focuses heavily on Pio’s use of the guitar. If you don’t speak the language, let me help you out a bit. The song is definitely about a past love who isn’t talking to him anymore, but he says “Dejame escuchar tu voz, Hoy no hay que decir, que no, ya no hay nadie alrededor, dejame cantarte hoy.” Basically, he says I want to hear your voice, you don’t have to keep fighting it, let me sing to you today.” There’s a music video and a Lyric video, take your pick ’cause both are absolutely dope.

     He’s also really big into acoustic music. You can hear the passion and rhythm in the guy’s voice. This next video features Pio playing a special acoustic track at the Universidad de la Sabana. I like the raw footage from this video. It’s authentic, clean and well shot. I think it’s safe to say that Pio was born to be a rockstar.

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