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Watch Out for Duck Beats [Riddim Discovery]

Give me the womps, give me the wubs. But most importantly, give me the f*cking Riddim. I just made a special discovery that definitely merits a little bit of love and attention. There aren’t a lot of producers out there that adopt the name of a widely known animal that inhabits more corners of this beautiful planet than I can count. Did you know that there are 7,800,000 ducks in the US, but over 652,000,000 in China? I ain’t duckin’ around folks. It seems that Duck Beats must be a true lover of the dual wing, bread chomping, Riddim stomping creature that floats upon the surface of your favorite lake. But what fascinates me more about this guy’s love for ducks is his love for making nasty Riddim tunes.

Raise your hand if you also discovered the ever so wonky creation, “Crash Land” while you were digging through your neighborhood for some Carolina Quartz, or something of the sorts. Duck Beats is also a member of the KINGZ crew, along with other powerful producers such as Bryzergold and Dobza. I’m beyond glad that this musician exists, and I’m excited to find out what else he has under his bill.

P.S. here’s two more fatties for you my friends.


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