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[Watch Here] Will WildFire – 2011

The Charlotte Sessions Recognizes Real…



And Will Wildfire is no exception. We’ve been watching the steady progression that this Chapel Hill native has been making since we first met him during the 2015 Charlotte Vibes Fest. A love song, an inspirational tune, this guy’s done it all. But his newest song features a beautiful vocalist from D.C. named MBalla; it basically sounds like a story between Will and his used to be dream girl. In a finely auto-tuned hook, Will says “You played me like dominoes I fell so hard.. Girl been writing about you since like 2011.” Somehow Wildfire found the secret to mastering auto-tuning, an element in music that once used to be frowned on.. at least until people like Future and Will figured it out.

    MBalla comes through with a pure and honest response to Wildfire’s plea for an answer. We all want a Ride or Die, maybe the message is to never stop looking for yours. This self produced track by the Queen City heart throbber and his musical colleague receives an A+ from us. Keep grinding!


Will Wildfire will also be opening up for international R&B singer and rapper Tory Lanez, get your tickets at the doors this Sunday, December 13th.


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