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We Are All Stars, And Marshmello Knows It!

   No matter how fallen off course you may be, you are still a star my friend. A beautiful star that was placed on this earth with the purpose of sharing your godly talents with those around you, and showing love to as many people as possible. The universe is filled with billions of bright stars who are ready to bring a sense of positive energy and happiness in this world – and its our job to seek out and manifest the love poured out by all these luminous stars. I think that Philly’s Marshmello had a similar concept in mind when creating his newish tune “Stars” (new to me). As I drove my little red Chevy home after completing a very important mission, I couldn’t help but feel the joy that Marshemllo’s late Summer creation is bringing to the thousands of people who dance to his music around the globe. I knew I wasn’t dancing alone like I tend to do when I’m stuck in the Riddim Zone – I could feel my loved ones in Wisconsin, my brothers and sisters in New Jersey, my spiritual kin in West Virginia, and all the good people from all over this planet who I can call friend, dancing with me.

  No matter how you feel right now, no matter where your head is at, no matter how badly you want to quit and say no, just remember that you will always carry a beautiful shine to the people who matter the most in your life. You just have to embrace it!

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You are a star, never forget it!

– Zyven

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