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Welcome to the Life of Milk Man

Chop Massacre was a special night for the Underground Entertainment family. It was a culmination of a year’s worth of hard work from our whole team. Chop Massacre was actually the name of the first show we put on a year ago – but at that time we didn’t have a full team of DJ’s yet, which is what made it special this time around. On this occasion, the majority of the lineup was comprised of our own team and we managed to pack out two rooms! One of the rooms consisted entirely of our team. It really showed us a glimpse of our potential when we all come together as a unit.

     No one on our team embodies the Underground spirit more that Zachary “Milk Man” Sheets. This man moved all the way across the country from Pennsylvania to pursue his dreams of being an artist. It takes some real guts to uproot your whole life and move to Los Angeles where nothing is guaranteed. But he is forging his own path! Milk Man enrolled himself in Icon, one of the most prestigious music production schools LA has to offer. Since joining our team at Underground Entertainment, he has stepped up and shined as one of the leaders of our hard working crew. He is not selfish with any of the knowledge he has acquired from Icon and has really been a major asset to our team by bringing some of our newer members under his wing. He has no problem showing them different aspects of music production and mastering. (Check out Milk Man’s interview with VoyageLA)

     His set that night was Chop full of surprises, to say the least. The set was actually a back to back with the man Fiddykay, another rising star on our roster. Fiddykay initially joined our team as a producer, so their set was full of new originals from both him and Milk Man. Then about half way into the performance, Zach dropped his new track “Get Him Some Milk” and he did just that, he whipped out an entire gallon of milk, stood up on the stage and drank straight from the nozzle. Needless to say, the crowd erupted – it was definitely a moment that none of us are ever going to forget. I asked him after his set how was the milk and he said it tasted horrible because by that time, the milk had become room temperature! But the show must go on!

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– Phillip Zavala

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