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Welcome to the Spit In My Face Podcast

Greetings members of Familia!

I’m Frankie Pointless, and I run a Punk Rock podcast called Spit In My Face Podcast. It is a widely distributed bi-monthly podcast dedicated to supporting the Underground Punk Rock music scene, all for the love of Punk Rock. A true D.I.Y Punk Podcast for Punk music and bands promoting a true alternative to the doldrums of the mainstream.

I play songs I like from bands you’ve never heard and I strictly will play and feature only unsigned bands who work under the pink rock D.I.Y Ethos who I feel could use a little more exposure. I play a wide veriety of punk and it’s subgenres like Hardcore, Ska Punk, Post Punk, Art Punk, Crust Punk, Pop Punk even some stuff one might not even consider Punk, like Electro Trash and No Wave.

I know this is a new thing for the supporters of the Charlotte Sessions, but I am hoping to open your minds and earholes to some amazing music. I appreciate the opportunity to expose you to some quality Punk Rock. We hope you enjoy our newest episode! – 216 –

If you are in a Punk band and want to submit a track to the podcast send it in .Wav format to and be sure to go to and check out the companion blog posts. I hope to link you up to them from here in the near future so you can get a visual like the cover art, lyrics, pictures and upcoming shows of the bands I am featuring on the podcast.

I drop a new episode every other Saturday @11:11PM

When life is shit, Turn the music up!

– Frankie Pointless

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