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We’re Hosting a Riddim & Dubstep Concert in Canada!

I never thought that this year would end with such a special concert in one of my favorite cities of all time. Montreal, here we come baby. I’ve had the pleasure of hosting five concerts at our special Charlotte based Dubstep and EDM club named SERJ throughout this incredible 2019. My buddies Ze and Jared even worked with me on selling out the debut of the Spicy Bois in Savannah, Georgia, which was one of the craziest shows I’ve ever witnessed.

From OG Nixin, to CHMST, to Anodic, Warned and Packback, this has been a very fun year for Riddim and Dubstep concerts. But after meeting a few like minded individuals from St-Hyacinthe and Montreal at this infamous Waterloo, Ontario based festival called Ever After, I knew that we could try our best to make something unique happen on the island of Montreal. Low and behold, after four months of talking about this show, we finally made a move with the illustrious Dubstep staple, Le Belmont. On Friday, December 13th, this universe will experience one of the greatest nights in Riddim and Dubstep history.

It blows my mind that we are hosting the worldwide debut of Vancouver, British Columbia’s very own SpaceGhost – the specter, the myth, the legend who is responsible for tunes like “Riddim Dancer“, “Changes” (with Okreglucky) and “Finger Blasta” (with Senri Dubs) is not only playing his first show ever. It’s more than that.. He’s also playing his first show in Canada, his first show in Quebec, and his first show on the island of Montreal. We’re marking this crafty producer’s name in history four times over on the 13th – I can barely contain myself! If you want to be a part of something incredible, you won’t miss this once in a lifetime debut.

Up next we have none other than Quebec’s finest going back to back for the very first time. I discovered Smal B earlier this year on a live stream and immediately fell in love with his wonky flow and vibrant style. Recently, Smal B has been linking up with the St. Hyacinthe MONSTERS legend, MOTUS, to create massive tunes like “Breadstick Double” and “MOD“. Xavier, my partner from LORDS Music who is co-hosting the show with Renaud, Jazz and I, made the suggestion for this unseen b2b performance. Life just hasn’t been the same ever since we realized how incredibly hard this set is truly going to be,. Get ready to hear wild sounds like “Space Gun” and “Monkey Madness” this December at So We Heard You Like Dubstep: Montreal Edition.

If you’re excited for SpaceGhost, Smal B and Motus, gear up for a very chilling and electrifying experience from the Montreal ice queen better known as FROZEN. While I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing her perform before, I’ve heard nothing but great comments about what its like to catch a live FROZEN set. Enjoy this wonky collaboration that FROZEN and Remeti created together and get ready for a heavy performance that you will never forget!

The next performance that I would like to share has me beyond stoked for this special concert. I will be performing back to back with the legendary Montreal based Space Cadet better known as STOKES. I’ve been a fan of this madman for quite some time now, and I’m beyond excited to get to share the stage with him for my Canada debut. (Click here to read a story I wrote about STOKES in 2018!) To get you extra hyped for the wonk, I want to share this tune that the space cadet released with Charlotte Sessions Audio earlier this year!

I want to take a second to thank my partners Zeydax, GLODZ and Fullfvce of LORDS Music for working so diligently on making this show a reality. I didn’t think I’d meet any crazy Riddim bois from Montreal when I ventured up to Ever After Festival, but here we are making moves on the coolest island in Quebec. Zeydax also known as Xavier the Wise (he doesn’t know I call him this), has a huge passion for good Riddim and spreading the love that this music has created for many of us on this planet. Listen to ZEYMIX Vol. 1 today and get hype for his performance on the big stage! My brother GLODZ, also known as Renaud the Calm Killer, is going to melt faces with his heavy flow and wonky track selection. Lastly, Fullfvce is going to pull some all out crazy moves on stage that will have you on the edge of your seat (Check out Fullfvce’s PROMOMIX 2K19). This LORDS Music Takeover is not something that you want to miss!

Last, but most certainly not least, I want to share a little news about the Quebec allstars known as Le Chapeau and DXVOUR. When my buddies first told me about a local friend of theirs who has been producing and DJing for a few years now named Le Chapeau, I nearly died of laughter. This might be one of the coolest and most French producer names I have ever heard, and I absolutely loved it. Then when it came time to meet Le Chapeau, I could barely keep my eyes open due to the intense weekend we had just experienced at Arrivals Festival, I was destroyed! Nevertheless, fate has us meeting again as Le Chapeau will close out the night at So We Heard You Like Dubstep: Montreal Edition! (Click here if you want to join the Le Chapeau BT Gang). On the other side of the ring is one of Zeydax close friends, a gentlemen who mixes the heavy artillery, chainsaw wielding, bone crushing style that will have you throwing fists in the air. Be cautious because DXVOUR might make you summon a few demons you didn’t know existed inside you.



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