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What Is Digital Gardens? [Music Festival Announcement]

     Ladies and gentlemen, there a time when every major EDM & Bass Music hub feels the need to put together a music festival. While it may be a tougher challenge than one can imagine, a group of like minded individuals from the North Carolina scene are making everyone’s dream come true. They’re calling it Digital Gardens, and given its timing, as the festival is scheduled for the weekend of April 20th, I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate name for this marvelous 2-Day Music & Arts celebration. In fact, the festivities are taking place at the new Shed Charlotte venue that saw the likes of Liquid Stranger not too long ago.

     Mind you, Charlotte is the largest city in the state of North Carolina, and we have a knack for going hard at every one of our events. If this is your first visit to the Queen City, you’re in for an absolute surprise. With a little less than three week sway, I wanted to put together a little preview on what you can expect from Digital Gardens. Read closely because here’s the 411 on your perfect 4/20 weekend.

A Massive Line Up:

    We’ve got to hand it to the folks over at SOMA Entertainment for bringing together such a fantastic and varied lineup of talented producers. First of all, we’ve got four major headliners coming to the city. Returning to the Queen City, we’ve got one of the most prominent and entertaining members of Firepower Records coming our way – Yosemite Park’s favorite rabblerouser, Bear Grillz! After having wrapped up a successful American Freakshow Tour all around the nation, BG is beyond ready to merk Charlotte in the smokiest of ways.

     Up next is a trio that never fails to impress whenever they gear up in their electronic tiger helmets and unleash blissful mayhem to all listening ears. Black Tiger Sex Machine is coming all the way from Montreal to play this festival folks. This is not a drill. The super trio is also making their way back to Lost Lands this year, which should be a truly exciting experience as well.

 The third major headliner is an act that I truly did not expect to see in North Carolina on such short notice, given that this Circus Records veteran had just recently obliterated Greensboro during Halloween. If you have yet to catch up your first Cookie Monsta performance, this might be your chance. I’m calling it right now (Cookie Monsta and Stylust Beats will have the greatest sets at Digital Gardens).

     Last but certainly not least is one of the most versatile producers that I’ve ever jammed out to. From tearing a part an early day performance a Counterpoint Music Festival, to closing out night one of last year’s Imagine Music Festival, Minnesota is a legend with a growing vision. His recent Curio EP gives listeners an idea as to how his sound design is forever shifting and changing, in the best of ways of course – top all of this off with a 4/20 Boogie T. senset performance and you’ve got yourself a heck of a starting lineup.

    But those are only the names up at the very top. We’ve got two more stacks of artists to cover, and every festival lover knows that the smaller names are just as important as the big ones! While there are many notable acts on the bill, I want to highlight who I believe will be some of the most talented performers at the festival. I have to give some praise to the the Ableton maniac, ill.Gates. This Carolina favorite is known for his wide range in music production skills, as well as his relentless talent behind the decks. Scales is an Atlanta native who blew everyone out of the water at his late night Imagine Music Festival Silent Disco performance. Digital Ethos, better known as the Jersey based superproducer who is known to melt minds with his intergalactic sound. They even have a special performance by Zen Selekta, one of the most prominent female producers in the southeast. And who can forget the Carolina basskilla Illanthropy.

   That’s a pretty sweet looking line up isn’t it folk? While I want to hit on the silent disco, I want to share a few more key details about the festival. The main-stage area will be powered by infamous, brain-shattering, PK Sound rigs, so you don’t have to worry about any discrepancies in sound. The festival will aslo feature unique elements of live fire, curated by the good people from Incendia. If  been to any festival that used stages that spurted out random strings of fire, it was probably because of the Incendia folks. Let’s not forget the blissful presence of some unique fire spinners and flow artists who will be providing some beautiful visual entertainment. 

 Another special element about Digital Gardens is the huge presence of art, as painters and artists from all over the East Coast show off their skills throughout the two day escapade. Expect beautiful pieces by the likes of Mallory Ballard, Austin Slim Gee, and James Smith with 1440 Art. There will also be a massive LED display that will be monitored and controlled by the Charlotte visual production group known as Prism Live Design. These guys are great at what they do, and their efforts are going to make a huge difference in the aesthetics of the weekend.

     Add in a variety of the East Coasts’ finest vendors such as GB Unique Creations, Typsy Gypsy, Nite Lite Nite Life, Weirdope and Collette Fashion who will be carrying every rave accessory and hippie gear that you can think, and a few delectable food trucks and you’ve got yourself one hell of a weekend. Needless to say folks, this festival is going to be the absolute bee’s knees.

     Before I leave you all for the evening, I want to mention a few last important details about the weekend. I should have talked about the Silent Disco a bit earlier, but I wanted to save it for the end! SOMA has made sure to bring in several unique acts from all over the East Coast to show off their style, sound, and skills. I’m personally most excited about witnessing my first Barnacle Boi set – the once Wilmington native has been steadily merking the scene with his intricate musical creations (read our interview with Barnacle Boi Here.) Other Great acts to look out for include Azira, who knocked out Charlotteans with an incredible performance at a recent special Queen City event, Snakko, a monster behind the decks and in the studio, and SKEYEview, the Nashville deep dub basskilla who recently blessed our Reunion performance with BERRIX and GramGreene – I’ve got a few more to add the Violinix boys from Greensboro, the blimp Zeplinn from Asheville, R3xor from Myrtle Beach, the bass monster, Notorious Conduct from Denver, one of my local favorites, Rave Charles, and Domii, whom I haven’t seen perform in over a year now. Get ready folks because the Charlotte Sessions will be there in full effect with a camera in one hand and a pen and notepad in the other!

(Peep the Daily Lineups below).


    ALSO! The party doesn’t stop when the Shed shuts down! Expect to get some extra late night action at SERJ Nightclub off Central Ave after the main day shenanigans slow down. Check out the flyer below for all the details ladies and gentlemen! Digital Dreams will carry you into the late night. The Main Stage ends at 11:00, the Silent Disco ends at 12:30. Digital Dreams starts at 11:30 and ends at 2:00. (FREE GIVEAWAY: Stay tune on The Charlotte Sessions Facebook Page for a sweet Digital Gardens giveaway!).

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