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What The Heck Is An ET Finger? The Ultimate Bro Safari & UFO! Bless

  Ask yourself this? Why would any reasonable Bassnectar fan from North Carolina miss out on the four year reunion in the making that recently took place at the Greensboro Coliseum? The grand gala of all Bassnectar events was happening in my very own backyard, and we chose to stay up north during this colossal occasion. It didn’t really seem like the right idea to end our journey through the Northeast by driving six hundred miles south for one night, just to head back up to Massachusetts the next day. As 12:00 approached, I closed my eyes and manifested every incredible performance by Lorin Ashton that I had experienced in my 2018 map of life. I was happy to be in New York with the people I care about the most, and I was even more thrilled for all my friends back at home. But in the midst of all the craziness that took place at Nectar 360 Carolina Edition, “ET Finger” took the internet by storm.

Put everything you just read about North Carolina, Bassnectar or any politically driven blog you may have just scrolled through out of your mind – it’s time to get extraterrestrial. A few months back, longtime collaborative partners, Bro Safari from the great city of Atlanta and UFO!, a unique sound creator from San Francisco, joined forces to put forth a highly intricate, outer space friendly, alien visitor attracting tune that might steal your whole life away. The last time I witnessed Bro Safari show off his special talents in a live setting was in May of 2017 where he brought the fellow headbangers of Sunset Music Festival an action packed performance that still has my neck throbbing to this day. But I can’t seem to decide what element is drawing me to this deadly tune the most.. Is it the seductive voice whispering the chorus “You can feel it around you, journey to the center of… A universe expending, step into your mind now!” or the wildly complex sounds that UFO! and Bro Safari have crafted in their secret underground beat lab? One thing is for sure, if “ET Finger” slaps this insanely hard in any possible setting, I can only imagine how amazing the rest of the collaborative project Clockwork is going to sound.

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